Can You Math?


Margarita Rivers

After having successfully participated in the January Regionals, Mu Alpha Theta members are optimistic about the future of the club.

Daniela Quijano, Editor

On Jan. 31, Mu Alpha Theta (MAΘ) members showcased their mathematical abilities at the Braddock-Sunset Regional Competition. Students competed in individual and team events for various levels of math including precalculus, calculus and statistics, and plan on participating on more events in the future.

“The sense of togetherness and bonding is what I like the most about competing,” junior Melissa Boza said.

These competitions allow students with strengths in varying levels of math to compete against each other, either in individual tests or team competitions. The questions are challenging and require a deep understanding of math. Every individual test is made up of 30 questions; each correct response awards the student 4 points, and a point is deducted for every incorrect answer.

“The hardest part about competing is realizing exactly how much you don’t know and that despite all of your practicing, you will never be good enough,” junior Mathew Monjarrez said.

Because it takes practice to familiarize oneself with the type of questions and content that appear on the tests, MAΘ decided to have weekly meetings for those that wished to practice for future competitions. Additionally, MAΘ offers tutoring sessions after school Monday through Wednesday until 3:30 pm in room 1207.

“I hope that the competition culture in MAΘ becomes stronger and that the tutoring system improves,”  senior and Mu Alpha Theta President Margarita Rivers said.

Although MAΘ suffered a period of instability this past year due to unforeseen circumstances in the sponsorship of the club, members took advantage of the opportunity to rebuild the club and work toward the future success of the club both in school tutoring sessions and upcoming competitions. Surely, we will be hearing about MAΘ’s success in future competitions.