Put A Ring On It: Class of 2015

Bryce Scanlon, Staff Writer

The Class of 2015 celebrated their transition from “underclassmen” to “upperclassmen” on January 29, 2014 during the annual ring ceremony event.

This year was one of the most spectacular ring ceremonies yet. All of the tickets were quickly sold out, which is a rare occurrence. The Class of 2015 quickly printed more tickets to sell at the box office to support the demand. In total, approximately 750 supporting spectators attended the ceremony. In order to ensure space for all of the encouraging spectators, the balcony level of the auditorium had to be opened.

“I was only working the event, but I find it amazing that the original tickets were sold out. I think it’s great to have parents who stay involved in their child’s accomplishments,” sophomore Jordan Payne said.

Mr. Costa immediately began this most anticipated night by giving an encouraging speech to the Class of 2015. In his speech, he explained the significance of the ring tradition.

“Anyone can buy a Gables jersey, hoodie, or hat from any other school, but your ring shows that you  attend or graduated from Gables. Only an exclusive clan can wear a Coral Gables Cavaliers ring. You need to have been part of the Cavalier Family,” Mr. Costa said.

The night continued with a history about the past and significance of the ring. Although they started as a simple circular piece of metal, it has become more extravagant, symbolic, and often more expensive. Rings can bare expensive rocks and gems, and can thus cost thousands of dollars. Truly, the ring has become a lasting, iconic token.

“I think it’s great that everyone dressed up which showed that they were excited to receive their ring, and I think I am lucky to be one of the select few who were fortunate enough to present at the ceremony,” junior Teague Scanlon said.

The turning of the ring is a tradition which has been repeated for years. The 14 most important people in your life turn the ring towards your pinkie while the most important person turns the ring towards your thumb and kisses you. This tradition is definitely a meaningful one, and all of the lucky few should be honored to be able to turn your ring.

Once junior Logan Morris was done speaking about the symbolism of the ring, students eagerly lined up to walk across the stage and retrieve their customized ring, overjoyed during their moment on stage. After students proudly retrieved their rings, they often looked into the crowd, enjoying the cheers that filled the auditorium.

“It was a phenomenal experience and I thought that it really showed how proud the students are of their high school accomplishments,” junior Gabriela Diaz said.

The class ring is a item of jewelry that most students will possess for the rest of their lives, and it will serve as a reminder of their high school memories.

“I look forward to claiming my own class ring in two years. Then, in the future, an encounter with my ring will fill me with proud memories of my high school years at Coral Gables Senior High,” freshman Sydney Scanlon said. 

For now, though, it is the Class of 2015’s turn to show off their class rings in the hallways and community; always proud to be a Cavalier.