My tea, your tea, Miu’s Tea

Miu’s Tea is increasing in popularity, offering a variety of boba teas to choose from.

Of the many types of flavors available, Lychee Green Tea, Matcha Latte Tea and Thai Tea are popular choices. Courtesy of Alexa Orozco/ highlights

    The “coffee doesn’t wake me up but tea does,” slogan greets customers walking in,  sensing the breathtaking aroma of fruity teas and tapioca. While taking a stroll down Sunset drive, one may come across Miu’s Tea. The boba tea room brings a taste of Taiwan with a wide array of 44 tea options and 14 topping options. Though South Miami is filled with boutiques, restaurants and ice cream shops, there is no other like Miu’s Tea.

     Boba, also referred to as “bubble” tea, has been around since the 1980s but only recently has its success in the U.S. been acknowledged. The drink itself is served in either fruit tea or milk tea form, with either black or green tea as the base. At the bottom, the topping was originally served with just the savory boba pearls. The pearls are made from tapioca starch, extracted from cassava root. As the drink earned more recognition around the world, other toppings started to be introduced. The most common include lychee jelly, rainbow jelly and fruity “pops.” Even though Taiwanese culture and food is not as popular in Miami, Miu’s Tea has gained tremendous popularity at the South Miami location.

The simple yet futuristic aspect of Miu’s Tea attracts customers to its doors. Courtesy of Alexa Orozco/ highlights

     “The quality of the tea and the chew texture of the boba is a must. I would recommend this place to anyone that loves good tea like I do,” customer Steve Oyola said.

     Miu’s Tea, located on 5852 Sunset Drive, has been open for business since February of 2019. The first location however, was established in 2017 in South Beach. The serene ambiance of the tea shop is complemented by its modern interior design. The abundance of greenery that the customers are surrounded by beautifies the inside of the shop. During the day, the natural sunlight passes through the glass panels on the roof, shining through the golden bubble shaped pendant lights. Miu’s Tea also offers a rewards program. Earning these rewards requires a registration with a phone number and email, but allows customers to rack up points for each purchase, eventually leading to discounted or free drinks. 

Miu’s Tea skylights offer both a modern and elegant environment. Courtesy of Alexa Orozco/ highlights

     “The environment at Miu’s is quaint. I always order the Matcha Green Tea with boba when I go,” customer Pedro Silva said.

     The contemporary tea room has a broad menu, filled with a variety of refreshing items. There are five different types of teas, which include Brew Milk Tea, Iced Tea Latte, Sea Salt Crema, Iced Fruit Tea, Miu’s Special and Pure Tea. Miu’s Tea also offers drinks that are dairy free and the option to adjust the sweetness level of a drink from 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%. The teas come in a small or regular size. One of the most popular drinks at Miu’s Tea is the “Miu’s Milk Tea”, which is under the Brew Milk Tea section and is sold for $4.50 for a small or $5.25 for a regular. 

     The rich flavor of the drink can be best described as creamy and refreshing. What makes Miu’s Tea unique, besides the large list of teas, is the amount of toppings they have to offer. The possibilities for customization are endless, ranging from tiny boba and grass jelly to pudding and ice cream. Miu’s Tea, through its variety of boba flavors and toppings, offers the secrets to delicious boba tea.