Advocate for Ophthalmology and Vision Science: Sofia Bronstein


Courtesy of Sofia Bronstein

One step closer to becoming an opthamologist, Sofia Bronstein is excited to start her new journey at UM where she will major in biology.

Home to the hurricanes, the University of Miami sends out its early admissions letter to high school seniors in late January. However, for the select individuals who decide to apply for Early Decision I, results are announced in mid-December. Senior Sofia Bronstein is among the few who has seen her dreams come true after being admitted into UM’s Class of 2027.

During her time at Coral Gables Senior High, Bronstein has always been heavily involved in extracurricular activities and community service. During her freshman year, she worked with Camp Jenny, a camp experience where underprivileged children from Atlanta got the chance to experience the traditional sleepaway summer camp, and she helped raise over $1200. Currently, Bronstein serves as a business manager for Gables’ yearbook publication, the Cavaleon, where she oversees sales and coordinates the logistics of functions and events such as the annual Picture Day for students and clubs.

Ever since she was little, Sofia Bronstein always had an eye out for the split-U logo of orange and green. (Courtesy of Sofia Bronstein)

“Bronstein has always done her best with the things she wants and works hard to get them. At UM, I expect that these qualities will not change, rather they will evolve and allow her to become an even more incredible person than we see in her already. She’s worked hard at what she was passionate about, including school, her extracurriculars and anything in her personal life,” senior Sidney Eramil said.

Eye Science by Aaron Rojas

When it came time to apply to colleges, Bronstein knew she wanted to attend a university that would offer her a strong foundation in the sciences. Despite first going for Psychology as a major, she soon realized she wanted to be an ophthalmologist and switched to Biology. Having worked as an assistant at an optical where she has been able to recognize calcification, a deposit of excess calcium in your body, as well as retinal scans on ocular blood vessels, Bronstein discovered her passion for the field. 

“I was at work and my friend texted me ‘did you get in the class of 2027?’ So I went to the application portal and I clicked on the status with the updated link and I was little nervous to open the letter, but when I opened it, I got the little bubbles with the sign saying, ‘congratulations’,” senior Sofia Bronstein said.

Bronstein has personal connections to UM that helped her get a tuition reduction, making her college years more affordable. Her mom was a 2003 UM graduate and currently works as the Executive Director of Development for Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, an eye hospital affiliated with UM.

“Sofia texted me, my mom, and my sister in a chat we have and I was washed over with a great feeling of happiness and pride. I had no doubts that Sofia would get in even though she did not share the same optimism, so I was also celebrating her relief as well. UM has been her dream school for so long, and I know that she will prosper to the highest degree there,” senior Emma Wolman said.

Although becoming an ophthalmologist would require Bronstein to commit to ten years of schooling in the future, she is up for the challenge. She is confident that her time at UM will provide her with the tools and experiences she needs to achieve her dream of helping others see their world more clearly.