Shooting for Success

Miguel Lemus, Staff Writer

Junior Isabella Pinera has been a part of the Lady Cavalier Basketball team since her sophomore year. She was determined to join after playing for the basketball team at her middle school. Pinera joined in an effort to become more involved with the school and to have a chance get back into a hobby she loves profoundly. She is part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program which can, at times, make it difficult to balance academics and sports. When she is not focused on her academics, she is part of  the National Honor Society, Gables Earth, and IB Honor Society. Before joining the basketball team, she was also a member of the Lady Cavalier Soccer team.

Isabella Pinera
Junior Isabella Pinera (top row, center) alongside her teammates.

Since last year’s girl’s basketball team consisted of seven seniors, there were several new members that joined, which caused a variety of changes to the team dynamic. To make a successful team, a good sense of companionship is key against a strong opponent. Because of this, Pinera has taken it upon herself to improve the overall team’s chemistry. She notes that she tries to implement as many core team values as she can on and off the court to guide her team to victory.

Due to her busy schedule with basketball, Pinera does not plan on joining any other sports throughout the school year. This year, Pinera has helped her team reach an overall record of 7-5. After she graduates high school, she plans to go into pre-law and would like to pursue soccer at the collegiate level.


Were you on the basketball team previously and, if you were, how long?

I’ve been on the basketball team since my sophomore year.

What inspired you to start playing basketball?

In my freshman year, I played soccer but I switched it up in my sophomore year because in middle school I played basketball and I missed it.

What does your training consist of?

Our training consists of ball-handling drills, drills to memorize plays, conditioning, shooting and improving overall team chemistry.

What’s your favorite thing about being part of the basketball team?

My favorite thing about being part of the basketball team is the sense that your teammates are literally your family and that they will always be there for you.

How do you balance your athletics with academics?

Balancing athletics and academics is especially hard in junior year because IB is very demanding and hard. But with basketball, we have games and practices every day. So, it is very hard and I have to do homework on the bus or in the locker room before practices and games.

What is one of the best moments that you have experienced with your team?

One of the best moments I experienced with my basketball team was when we won our first game that was against St. Brendan because we lost against them last year. It meant that we had a good chance of winning most of our games this year.

What do you plan to study after you graduate or are you working to go to to a certain school for your athletics?

After I graduate from high school, I would like to play college soccer but we will see. I’m leaning more towards going into pre-law at a good 4-year university and going on from there.