Giving Water Polo a Whirl

Miguel Lemus, Staff Writer

Following in his brothers’ footsteps, Mauricio Sosadias joined water polo in his freshman year to come out of his comfort zone and have the chance to create everlasting friendships. Sosadillas has since tried his best to maximize his potential to not only improve himself but his team as well. His training consists of long hours of team practices from Monday through Friday at Ransom Everglades High School. In order to strengthen his skills, he also makes an effort to go the gym on days that he has off. Sosadillas is part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program which makes his schedule very busy due to the rigorous classes that come with his junior year.

August Field
Junior Mauricio Sosadias in the middle of match.

After high school, Sosadillas is interested in becoming a marketing manager and does not expect to continue water polo at a collegiate level, but will always cherish the dedication that he has put into the team for years to come. He has made countless memories with his teammates that have created a bond with them that will never fade. With the halfway mark of his junior year approaching, his goal is to make the most of every moment he has left on the Cavalier Water Polo team.

Were you on the water polo team previously and, if you were, for how long?

I’ve been on the water polo team ever since my freshman year.

What inspired you to start playing water polo?

My brothers did water polo in high school (Columbus and Gables), so I guess I just followed in their footsteps.

What does your training consist of?

 My training consists of water polo practice which happens five days a week.

What’s your favorite thing about being part of the water polo team?

My favorite part of water polo is the bond that I have with my teammates.

How do you balance your athletics with academics?

It’s pretty hard balancing academics and sports especially with IB and AP classes, but I just take academic hits when I need to.

What is one of the best moments that you have experienced with your team?

 The best moment I’ve experienced with my team was a tied game against Mast last year and we ended up scoring on them to win the game.

What do you plan to study after you graduate or are you working to go to to a certain school for your athletic ability?

I plan on being a marketing manager in the future, but I’ll probably stop playing water polo when high school ends.