The Kazoo Krew: An Unconventional Hobby Unites Our Cavaliers

The Kazoo Krew showing their school spirit their own way

Daniel Toll

The Kazoo Krew showing their school spirit their own way

Anthony Russo, Staff Writer

Coral Gables Senior High is home to bright and talented students who participate in a wide variety of clubs and activities. But underneath everything Gables has to offer, there are students who have put time and effort into creating their own entertainment. In doing so, this student group embodies the type of school that Gables is; a welcoming place that encourages new ideas for hanging out and spending time with each other, Gables allows its students to be as creative as possible with everything they do. 

The Kazoo Krew is composed of students that took it upon themselves to come together to enjoy a hobby they all thoroughly enjoy. The group was brought together by seniors Ellie Morris and Jonathon Rodriguez with a purpose to give students a fun outlet from the stress that students face nearly every-day such as homework,test-taking and studying. The idea came to life when Morris had a spare $10 dollar Amazon gift card and used it to order a pack of kazoos to give to her friends. From there the “Kazoo Krew” was born.

“We are really just a group of friends that walk around school playing kazoos, I do not know how else to explain it,” senior Kristen Sosa said.

It has been been very apparent how quickly the Kazoo Krew has grown around campus considering the fact that it started at the beginning on Aug. 14 2019. They hold 18 dedicated members and have gotten support from multiple teachers such as Mr.Nelson, Mr. De Armas and Mrs. Kiely.

At first, the small group did not know how they wanted to handle the newly formed crew, they joked about being a club and other options until settling on it being more of a hobby. Within months, however, the Kazoo Krew has already established a name for themselves within the walls of Coral Gables Senior High. They have even branded themselves with their own logo, t-shirts and even have their own Instagram page to further grow their group in Gables, @the_kazoo_krew.

One of the Kazoo Krew’s fondest memories is of them waiting outside of IB Psychology teacher, Mr.Nelson’s room, for him to come out during his lunchtime so they could kazoo him a happy birthday. They did this because Mr.Nelson meant a great deal to these seniors and they wanted to give him a birthday gift that he would not forgot any time soon. 

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They are just a happy group of students, they spread joy and they really made my birthday special

— Mr.Nelson

“It is always fascinating and refreshing to see how Gables always accepts new things with open arms and how much of a warm welcome the Kazoo Krew have received thus far,” sophomore Diego Moran said. 

All the students in the Kazoo Krew so far are seniors, so it is uncertain whether or not they will be taking their kazoos with them or leaving them behind for the rest of the Gables community after they graduate. One thing they have made certain is that no matter what you are into or have passions for, you do not have to make it an official club to enjoy it in school. You will find a community that will inspire and encourage you to do what feels right for yourself and your peers here in Coral Gables Senior High.