What Does Your Backpack Say About You?

Lane Morris, Staff Writer

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While strolling through the hallways, you are sure to spot every type of backpack imaginable. Interestingly, a person’s backpack gives you a quick look into their personality. Check out the guide below to gain a better understanding of yourself, and your friends, through their choice of everyday carry-ons.

The Original: You are sure of yourself and of what you want. Although you don’t like to step outside of the box too much, you still enjoy spontaneous fun. Your friends always rely on you for good advice and to make them laugh. You are most likely to be caught with a Jansport, giggling alongside friends.

The Unconventional: You are unpredictable in a good way. Your friends always turn to you when they need help with art projects because you are a creative genius. You are candidly honest, but sometimes can be a little too straightforward and accidentally hurt people you like. You can be spotted outside the art or music room sporting a flower-patterned backpack, or a Herschel covered in clever buttons and ribbons.

The Fashionista: You are fearless and don’t care what others think. Always up to date with the latest trends, you easily choose style over comfort. Your friends would describe you as a daredevil. With a Starbucks drink and uniquely printed backpack or purse in tow, you are unstoppable as you walk down the halls.

“I love my backpack because it’s bold and unique just like me,” junior Kayla Pierre said.

The Athlete: You are admired for being outgoing. You are up for any challenge, known to be popular and love practical jokes. You easily charm everyone you meet. The field or court is your after-school scene, and your Nike backpack patiently waits on the sidelines.

The Prepster: You are known to be a strong leader and people admire your self-confidence. You never fail to address everything you do with a positive attitude. Your friends describe you as a very dedicated person and an overall great friend. You are knowledgeable, although at times you may come off as stuck up, so be careful! You always dress to impress at school in a Ralph Lauren polo shirt, and a Lacoste backpack sits on both of your shoulders.

“For me, Lacoste is classic and goes with everything,” sophomore Noah Cohn said.

The Spacious/ The Roller: You are hardworking and extremely organized. You are a big believer in comfort over style, unlike the Fashionista. You are your friends’ first choice when they need someone to listen to them. During the day, you can be spotted with your nose deep in a book, along with a big, possibly even rolling, book bag that has been stuffed to the brim.

The Rocker: Your open-mindedness makes you attractive and people always want to be your friend. You are not afraid to state your opinion. When it comes to music, you love discovering new bands. Because you are slightly rebellious, you won’t be caught dead wearing uniform. Making your way to class, you cannot be distracted as you jam out to your tunes with your leather-studded backpack hanging off of one shoulder.

Next time you walk down the hall be sure to keep an eye out for the wide variety of backpacks students are lugging around. You never know what you’ll discover about your friends and classmates.