A Cavalier Wrestler: Alessandro Gregori Discovers his True Passion


Andres Rodriguez

Freshman Alessandro Gregori sporting his Gables wrestling merchandise.

Andres Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Oftentimes, high school can take unexpected turns and leave students thriving in places they never imagined. For International Baccalaureate student Alessandro Gregori, his freshman year changed unexpectedly as he spent the first few months of school on a mat. Upon joining the Coral Gables Senior High wrestling team, this student athlete has been able to improve his skills with the help of coaches and teammates.

Before the school year began, Gregori had not planned on joining the wrestling team, but after weighing his options and looking at other sports he decided to take a chance on something new. Despite his lack of experience, he was drawn to the mat because of the uniqueness of the sport and skill needed to compete. While not as popular compared to other sports, Gregori’s decision became a source of motivation, and he began practicing with the team on Sept. 21.

“What I love about wrestling is that it is not a very mainstream sport…I really wanted to join a team where everyone was caring and would learn from one another, especially since I was inexperienced,” freshman Alessandro Gregori said.

Our coaches have helped us learn valuable lessons on how we should carry ourselves as wrestlers and human beings. Whether a simple bible quote or a speech of a certain quality, I find pre-game speeches to be extremely motivational,

— freshman Alessandro Gregori

After joining the team, Gregori found that many of his teammates were willing to work hard and were adamant about competing. Realizing this was the environment he was craving, the freshman began forming key relationships with his fellow wrestlers and coaches which in turn helped him develop his skills and advance as an athlete.

Taking his training seriously, Gregori reports to the gym for practice from 2:35 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. everyday to prepare for upcoming meets. Training sessions can include practicing new moves with partners and performing various exercises, such as push-ups, sit-ups, mountain climbers and jumping jacks. Building his strength and stamina, Gregori pushes himself during the week to perform as best as he can during competitions.

Every week, the Gables wrestling team competes against other schools across the district. When at Gables, Gregori and his teammates often review specific moves inside the gym prior to a match. When not on their home ground, both coaches and teammates discuss their game plan before heading into the opponent’s ground to reassure each other.

In a short span of four months, Gregori has managed to come out victorious in around half of his matches. However, he aspires to improve daily and takes inspiration from the pre-game speeches given by his head coaches.

With the help of his coaches and teammates, Gregori has begun to find his place of belonging. Looking ahead towards the future, the athlete has high expectations for himself, hoping to aid beginners who share his similar passion and struggles in the near future.

“The future is very bright for Alessandro. I’ve seen him progress both as a wrestler, being able to pick up new moves and his maturity level, helping the guys that come behind him. He will have had several experiences under his belt after this season,” wrestling head coach Thomas J. Hardy said.

As the season winds down, Gregori has earned his reputation amongst his peers by demonstrating he has what it takes to be a part of the team. Ready for what the next season holds for him, the Cavalier knows his true place at Gables is on the mat.