The Grand Prix Laps Its Way Back To Miami


Anthony Abrahantes

The Grand Prix will be racing its way back to Miami, scheduled for the 2022 Formula One season

Patrick Heydasch, Staff Writer

Formula One recently announced that the latest Grand Prix will be hosted in Miami in 2022 as a way to generate excitement about racing in the United States.

The Grand Prix, a thrilling form of motorsport competition, was established in France by the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile in 1894. The event was popularized due to the fact that became a way to establish a champion within the sport. Grand Prix racing grew to include greater circuits, dramatic crashes and manufacturers driving their vehicles to new heights following their newest reveal of a location.

The history of the Grand Prix can be attributed to the creation of Formula One. The first Grand Prix began in 1906, located in the legendary circuit, Le Mans. The race featured 32 participants, representing 12 different automakers, with Ferenc Szisz winning the race for Renault. Every racer had a mechanic on board and the only people that were allowed to repair the car were the racer and the mechanic.

“The first Grand Prix must have been extremely interesting and cool to attend. There were basically no well-known car manufacturers, so nearly every manufacturer had their reputation born near this time,” sophomore Luis Tobar said.

Recently, Formula One announced the 10-year long deal to host a Miami Grand Prix, beginning in 2022. The Grand Prix in Miami is assumed to begin in the second quarter of summer. The circuit runs around the Hard Rock Stadium, which features 19 corners and three long straights with top speeds of 198 miles per hour. The original plans for the race included having it loop around Biscayne Bay and Bayfront Park, but this concept was shut down by the local community for reasons not stated.

I think I will buy tickets for the race at Hardrock Stadium because it has been about nine years since the last race hosted by Miami

— sophomore Carlos Rocha

Miami has had a long series of hosting previous Grand Prix events, beginning in 1983 and continuing annually until 2012. Over 30 races have been held, with a majority being held in Downtown Miami. Each Grand Prix is considered a significant competitive and financial success for the city as it boosts finances and gives the city an incredible event to look forward to.

The importance of having an extremely popular and competitive race in Miami allows for the sport to gain more traction and popularity in the US, especially since Formula One agreed to include a $5 million support package for local businesses and schools. This action boosted the support of Formula one races in Miami and made the proposal more palatable for those who were having second thoughts about hosting the race. The Miami Grand Prix will begin in early August of 2022 if all goes according to plan.