Diego Moran Serves up His High School Experience


Alessandro Moran

Diego Moran warming up to his usual routine of volleyball drills

Anthony Russo, Sports Editor

Each Cavalier has more to offer than meets the eye. Whether it is extracurricular activities, helping others or even athletics, junior Diego Moran fills the shoes of all of them. Moran, who is a part of the class of 2022 and the National Academy of Finance, entered high school wanting to achieve goals for himself. Some of these included playing for the Cavaliers volleyball team, becoming a helping hand within NAF and just having a great high school experience.

Moran first began playing volleyball at the age of 13. He fell in love with the sport after attending a Cavaliers volleyball game. He ended up attending a summer institution called Breakthrough Miami which is where his journey with the sport began back in 2017. From there, he developed the basics and improved day in and day out.

Once entering high school, Moran’s goal was to make the Cavaliers Varsity volleyball team. His goal, however, may have been too ambitious as he was denied the opportunity right away. But instead of giving up entirely on the idea, Moran got right back to work. Throughout his entire freshmen year and summer heading into his sophomore year, he honed his skills and perfected his game to be a more well-rounded player.

The Cavalier volleyball team in a team huddle in the midst of a game against Westland. (Maria Fernandez)

“It means everything to me. I spent countless hours outside, practicing only with a wall. I practiced for so long that the soles of my shoes were practically falling off. I never gave up because I believed in myself and my skills,” junior Diego Moran said.

Once making it on the roster, his new teammates welcomed him with open arms. He even earned himself a starting spot relatively quickly as a product of his hard work. Although the team did not play to expectations and was cut short due to COVID-19, Moran left such an impact that he was awarded team captain heading into the following season.

Moran managed to work his way up from not being selected to join the team during his freshman year, to now being able to lead his own roster and grab wins for the cavaliers.

Moran devotes just as much time to other activities on campus, as Moran is also currently the junior-representative for NAF. He works closely with the head of the academy, Mrs. Lopez, and the rest of the board to organize events and to make sure everything is running smoothly within the program.

“I really do think he is inspiring, knowing the fact that he is busy with so many activities like volleyball, Breakthrough Miami and being a part of the NAF board while still excelling in school,” junior Jennifer Urbina said.

As Moran wraps up his junior year, he is still not satisfied as he feels he still has much to offer at Coral Gables Senior High. Already accomplishing most of what he set out to do, Moran hopes to continue to make great strides for himself and others as he moves forward into his senior year of high school.