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Juan Varela and Felipe Escobar meet business owners at the NFTE competition.

Felipe Escobar and Juan Varela Make the Future Bright

Luke Savage, Staff Writer Oct 8, 2023

What started as a business dream, now brings Coral Gables Senior High's Felipe Escobar and Juan Varela to New York's national Entrepreneurship Youth Competition. The app and website they named "Bright",...

Mrs. Hernandez sits during the 2023 Academy of Finance Freshman Camp. During the event, incoming freshmen are introduced to the AOF program.

AP Coordinator Mrs. Hernandez Merges with AOF

Elijah Cima, Staff Writer Aug 23, 2023

One of Coral Gables Senior High's esteemed magnet programs, the Academy of Finance provides students with a strong foundation in business skills for use in their future careers. Behind the scenes of AOF,...

Academy of Finance seniors Ian Lozada, Avani Tembe and Alejandra Dellano return from their summer interships ready to embark on their final year at Gables.

AOF’s Rising Seniors Return from Their Summer Internships

Lorena Acevedo, Staff Writer Aug 17, 2023

As they enter their senior year and step closer to their professional debut, the Academy of Finance's class of 2024 has returned to Coral Gables Senior High with newfound knowledge from their summer...

With the end of their senior year coming to a close, the NAF Track certified Cavaliers are ready to take on the real-business worlds having learned valuable information in their NAF classes.

Celebrating the End With a Surplus, AOF Brunch

Maria Odio, Features Editor May 1, 2023

Every year, the Academy of Finance at Coral Gables Senior High hosts a celebration in honor of its National Academy Foundation Track Certified seniors. To obtain a NAF Track Certification, seniors must...

Charming to Success

Mar 27, 2023

As Ms. Brown aimed to give her AOF students a practical understanding of business operations, she enrolled in her first challenge in the JA Company Program. Through this program, students can gain hands-on...

The class of 2026 cheer on their teammates as they compete in the AOF staple, Head, Shoulder, Knee, Cone.

Academy Day: Combining Finance and Competition

Maria Odio, Features Editor Mar 21, 2023

The Academy of Finance continued its longstanding tradition of hosting Academy Day, inviting all AOF students to this exciting event. On Mar. 17, the day began with an informative session with representatives...

Staffing specialist Iris Pacheco talks about her personal experience at Publix.

AOF Guest Speakers Event: Volunteers Present Potential Career Paths

Emmanuelle Desmet, Opinion Editor Jan 23, 2023

The Academy of Finance frequently hosts speaker events in which guests share their experiences of attaining success and enlighten students about possible career paths and their many advantages. During...

As part of Mad City Money, Cavaliers had to fill out a packet, that included step by step instructions on how to play.

Mad City Money: Freshmen Put The Money in Their Bag

Melissa Hernandez, Staff Writer Dec 15, 2022

As per Academy of Finance tradition and after months of preparation, the day finally came for the Class of 2026 to participate in Mad City Money, a real-life budgeting scenario. Starting at 8:00 a.m.,...

The board of Academy of Finance prepares to acquaint incoming freshmen with all that AOF has to offer at Gables.

Making Their Way Through Gables’ Halls: Class of 2026 Attend AOF’s Freshman Camp

Angelina Morffi, News Editor Jun 17, 2022

For many, the idea of learning their way around a new school can seem daunting. To prevent nervous jitters and nail bites, the Academy of Finance annually hosts Freshman Camp. From June 13 to June 14,...

La Academia de Finanzas se prepara para familiarizar a los estudiantes de primer año con todo lo que AOF tiene que ofrecer en Gables.

Abriéndose camino a través de los pasillos de Gables: La Clase del 2026 asiste al campamento de primer año de AOF

Maria Freire-Solis and Angelina Morffi Jun 17, 2022

Para muchos la idea de adaptarse a una nueva escuela puede parecer desalentadora. Para prevenir el nerviosismo y las mordeduras de uñas, la Academia de Finanzas organiza anualmente el Campamento de Estudiantes...

Andy Rodriguez and Danny Pizzaro visited Coral Gables Senior High to share tales of their business ventures. From their humble beginnings to new expeditions, The Salty continues to spread its influence in the local community.

Voted “Best Donut Shop in America”: The Salty Visits Gables

Anthony Russo, Sports Editor Mar 17, 2022

Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme maybe some of the best-known donut locations, but offering equally delicious and gourmet treats is The Salty, a locally-based donut shop. On Mar. 15, Academy of Finance...

Students playing an intense game of Red Light Green Light as they try to make it to the other side of the court without being caught moving.

AOF Students Go Mad Over Mad City Money

Anthony Russo, Sports Editor Dec 14, 2021

Bringing the classic Monopoly game to life, the National Academy of Finance hosted its annual Mad City Money event. In this simulation, NAF aims to give freshmen and sophomores a taste of life post-high...

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