Athlete Of The Week: Gerardo Rodriguez

Freshman Gerardo Rodriguez is proud to have been awarded this weeks athlete of the week

Mr. Romero

Freshman Gerardo Rodriguez is proud to have been awarded this week’s athlete of the week

Kelsy Pacheco, Staff Writer

This week, freshman Gerardo Rodriguez made sure to leave his mark by helping lead the Cavalier baseball team to yet another victory. Rodriguez went 3-6 while at the plate with two doubles helping the team get 2 victories in an out of state game over spring break.

As a freshman on the varsity team, Rodriguez is beyond excited to be apart of the team. Rodriguez says he took interest with the sport when he was only three years old and saw his father playing. After that, he fell in love with the sport and started playing when he was five. Since then, he’s played and practiced everyday for 10 years and even practices over the summer with his travel team Elite Squad.

“My favorite part is that I get to play with all my ‘brothers’ and since I’m a catcher I get to lead the field and my teammates,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez makes sure to put in all the effort he can into every game and always give his all through every practice. After hearing that he was athlete of the week Rodriguez could’t have felt more proud to be a freshman on varsity. Being able to be on the variety team since the beginning of his high school career gives Rodriguez an advantage. He gets to learn from 9th grade what varsity is like and how it works as well as learn a lot from the mistakes the senior’s make during games.

“Our season hasn’t been a great one, looking at the record, but my goal for the rest of the season is to win the district championship at the end and then our season will end as if it were a great one and I’m sure we can do it,” Rodriguez said.

Besides baseball, Rodriguez doesn’t play any other sports but does enjoy soccer and occasionally plays it with friends in the park. Make sure the catch Rodriguez behind the plate on Tuesday April 5th as the baseball team takes on South Miami on their home field.