Corruption Strikes the World of FIFA


FIFA president Sepp Blatter after the shocking scandal details were brought to light.

Robert Dedonatis, Staff writer

The world of sports is not shy to corruption, and this has been proven yet again on the soccer pitch (field). Earlier in May, members of the FIFA board were exposed for their corruption with multiple officials being arrested for their actions against the integrity of the sport.

On May 27, 2015, multiple FIFA officials were arrested in Switzerland and New York because of their involvement in illegal deals that were being made with multiple broadcasting companies. These deals would allow all of the involved companies to have exclusive rights to The World Cup and other national tournaments. So far, all of the involved parties have been charged with bribery and are awaiting their turn in court.

I think corruption in sports is terrible, but unless its match fixing or pre determined games then it does not really affect the viewers, it just affects the cable companies.

— freshman Gabriel Martinez

Of course, this isn’t the first time that FIFA was involved with scandalous acts, dating back to 2006 season, the Italian soccer league the Serie A was charged with match fixing at the hand of the league officials. This resulted in the relegation of the league’s top team, Juventus, and the banning of the League officials from the sport.

FIFA board’s struggle to establish and reinforce integrity within each other leaves to questions their ability to efficiently protect the honestly and good nature of soccer. Hopefully this situation will be correctly addressed and will serve as an example to prevent similar issues from occurring.