Too Hot to Handle Returns for Season 3


Ava Cosgrove

“Too Hot to Handle” has returned for another season.

Ava Cosgrove, Staff Writer

After six months since the last season, “Too Hot to Handle” has returned to Netflix for another round of drama. Repeatedly placing top ten on Netflix’s most watched, “Too Hot to Handle” has continued to grow in popularity with each season. With elements of drama, romance, passion and more, the show has become a binge-watchable and addicting show.

Each season starts off with ten contestants, five men and five women, who live their lives full of meaningless relationships and hookups instead of experiencing real genuine connections. The contestants are tricked into believing the reality show they’ll be starring in is a dating show similar to “Love Island”with plenty of attractive singles and potential hookups. To their discontent, after ten hours at the villa, they’re greeted by “Lana,” their virtual guide to forming meaningful connections. But the process won’t come easily, as contestants are challenged to not partake in any form of sexual contact or money will be deducted from the $100,000 prize fund for the contestant who shows the most growth.

What I liked a lot about this season was that each person was different in their own way and none were similar, which added excitement to the show,

— sophomore Veronica Montalvo

This season has a bit of a twist, as the prize fund has doubled to $200,000, but they cannot be earned easily; the consequences also doubled. In a regular season, the price of a kiss would be $3,000, but for this season, the price has gone up to $6,000.

Onto the contestants: of the boys, there’s Stevan, the self-proclaimed bad boy, Truth, who promises to always tell the truth (99.999% of the time), Patrick, guitarist and Mr. May on the Mr. Hawaii calendar, Nathan, “the international playboy,” and the rip-off Harry Styles, coincidentally also named Harry. As for the girls, there’s “serial ghoster” Georgia, “Hurricane ” Holly, Izzy who plays both hockey and hearts, glad-with-a-KFC-date Beaux, and Jaz with her “appointments”. Although this was the initial cast, some contestants are kicked off or new ones are added in as the show continues.

By far this season had the cast with the least amount of self-restraint and least regard for the money. With plenty of plot twists and moments that had viewers on the edge of their seats, this season proved to be very entertaining. Lana was put to the test in reforming the wild season three cast.

Despite all the drama and challenges season three went through, there were plenty of emotional moments where the cast let themselves be vulnerable, facing and confronting their past in order to better themselves for the future.

“Well, I refuse to watch season three because the new people in this season are ugly; season two will always be superior,” sophomore Elani Soto said.

While the cast of this season was unique and easy to get attached to and the ultimate winner was definitely deserving of the prize, the past two seasons were difficult to upstage with iconic cast members like Francesca and Harry, and Cam and Emily. While not being better than the first two seasons, this season did provide a fun watch and upholds its reputation as the perfect show for late night binge-watching.