“Dash and Lily”: An Early Christmas Gift for Netflix Users


Mia Cabrera

“Dash and Lily” is the perfect romance to get you into the holiday spirit.

Mia Cabrera, Staff Writer

Release Date: November 10, 2020

IMDb Rating: TV-14

Platform: Netflix

Our Rating: A+

Currently in Netflix’s trending Top 10, “Dash and Lily” has become a new favorite show for many, making viewers cringe at the thought of having to wait for the release of Season 2. Based on the book “Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares,” the first season consists of eight episodes, ranging from 20-30 minutes in length.

Set in New York City, the recently premiered series follows a whimsical love story between two teenagers during the Christmas season. Beginning in a bookstore, Dash, a young teenage boy, finds a journal placed in between the books, written in by none other than Lily, an introvert who has yet to have her first relationship.

Due to her lack of a love life, Lily began her search for a boyfriend in a way that fit her the best: through a book. In this red journal she left on the bookshelves, Dash and Lily would attempt to get to know each other through writing and asking each other questions, asking what each wanted to know about the other. However, these questions would only be answered if the questioner completed a dare given by the questioner.

Throughout the entirety of the show, viewers get to accompany Dash and Lily on all their dares, watching as their bond grows more and more intense. With added obstacles, such as other love interests and family problems, the show never fails to get boring, leaving keep viewers entertained the whole time.

“I would most definitely watch ‘Dash and Lily’ on Netflix. This show seems very interesting and like a perfect movie to watch during the holidays,” sophomore Sofia Rodriguez said.

Apart from the captivating awesome storyline, the show itself was produced amazingly. The attention to detail in the production of throughout the series only made it that much more likable.

The episodes are chronological go chronologically, with the ending episodes including an hourly countdown. However, though the story goes chronologically, some episodes go back in time, filling viewers in on things they had not seen in the previous episodes to provide important background information.

Not only is the set-up and flow of the show impeccable great, but the cinematography aspect of it is extremely admirable and contributes to the plot. The shots, music choices and editing overall really make for a wonderful show.

Even with a good storyline, though, the characters of a show must be somewhat enjoyable to make it worthwhile. Luckily for Netflix users, the characters of “Dash and Lily” o are all charming, even the ones many might expect not to like. Lily, an awkward introvert, is very likable, inciting many giggles with her quirky side. Dash, a self-proclaimed loner, is witty, caring and quite intelligent, traits that all make for a lovable main character. Other friends of theirs, like Sofia, Edgar and Boomer, are all great people, loved by not only Dash and Lily, but viewers as well.

In case one was looking for yet another reason why they should watch the show, this series is sure to get someone in the holiday spirit. Set in December, “Dash and Lily” revolves around the holiday season; more specifically, Christmas. If you are someone is looking for a rom-com to watch to get into the holiday spirit, “Dash and Lily” is a great choice, really giving viewers all of the holiday cheer feelings.

“‘Dash and Lily’ seems like a good Christmas show to watch with friends and family, the type where you can enjoy a really good hot chocolate while watching,” sophomore Matteo-Rocha Chaves said.

Romantic, quirky, funny and heartwarming, “Dash and Lily” has something for everybody. With a great storyline, lovable characters and wonderful production, this series is sure to be one of the most popular shows for people to watch on Netflix. With its release date so close to the holiday season, it is pretty certain that Netflix users can call “Dash and Lily” an early Christmas present.[powr-instagram-feed id=67a9ad44_1607107537335]