Hubie Halloween’s Lackluster Release


Adam sandler. Star of Hubie Halloween

Alejandra Dellano, Staff Writer

Release Date: October 7, 2020
Director: Steven Brill
Starring: Kevin James ,Julie Bowen ,Ray Liotta ,Maya Rudolph ,Rob Schneider ,Shaquille O’Neal ,Noah Schnapp ,Steve Buscemi ,Kenan Thompson , China Anne McClain ,Paris Berelc ,Kelli Berglund Peyton List , Karan Brar
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Our Rating: B-

With Halloween around the corner, the creators of “Hubie Halloween” graced audiences with this brand-new movie to garner anticipation for the spooky season. Since the release of the trailer, “Hubie Halloween” has received a multitude of attention not only for its appealing look of a horror and comedy duo but also for its widely known cast of famous actors ranging from all genres of film and television. A big hit on Netflix’s Top 10 in the United States list ever since its drop. Reaching Netflix’s Top 10 Hits right after its release, his new up and coming horror/comedy movie is a perfect choice to watch with your family and friends just before Halloween.

“ I heard about ‘Hubie Halloween’ on Tik Tok, and I was so excited for it to premiere. It isn’t a bad movie, it just wasn’t what I was expecting if I’m being honest,” freshman Erika De Armas said.

This film surrounds the life of Hubie Dubois and his adventure of making Halloween night in Salem as safe and fun as possible. Although Hubie has only good intentions, the people of his town don’t seem to like him much because of his awkward and quirky personality. Throughout the movie, we see Hubie get heavily ridiculed and shunned. Regardless of all the hate thrown his way, he does not seem to be affected by it and keeps moving forward with a smile.

Conversely, the viewer gets to see different perspectives of other characters going through their night. Noah Schnapp, famously known for playing a lead role in “Stranger Things” gets into some mischief alongside Paris Berelc, best known for her roles on Disney Channel. Later on, Hubie ends up lending them a hand. During the film, the characters are taken away by a mysterious lingering monster. Although the movie is not valued for its lesson, it should be acknowledged considering the overall plot does all lead up to a final lesson.

“Hubie Halloween” has received some backlash from fans of the actors, saying that it was “overhyped” and “not funny”. What most fans do not know is that the directors made it so that it was purposely annoying to watch, as it was a parody of 90s horror movies. When watching the movie, it is important to understand everyone is just playing a character that is purposely portrayed to be frustrating and annoying.

Although several critiques can be made about several aspects of the film, a definitive weak point throughout the entire movie was the plot. The movie was too focused on releasing various jokes at a time that it just ended up watering down any plot it had to begin with. The storyline was all over the place; it was difficult to keep up with all the character plotlines and scenes at once which ended up jumbling it all together into one big mess of scenes with no connection to one another.

The classic elements of old school horror movies along with the modern twists perfectly depict what this movie is centered around. This movie is perfect for having a good chuckle at Adam Sandler’s typical goofy jokes. The selection of celebrity cameos makes the movie seem more welcoming and creates an exciting atmosphere of trying to guess who would appear on the screen next. The chemistry of the actors is undeniable and refreshing, which allows room for an overall smoother flow throughout the movie. Overall, this is a fantastic, light-hearted movie to watch with friends and family. It is certain to bring viewers some laughs, and includes a heartwarming that happy ending for the main character at its conclusion.