A game of betrayal and trust: Among Us


Katherine Blanco

Among Us has gone from almost zero to 60 million downloads in less than a year.

Allison Cajina, Features Editor

Game: Among Us
Released: June 15 2018
Our Rating: A+

Among us is an online multiplayer game that has skyrocketed in popularity due to social media platforms. Though the game has been released for over two years, people across the globe are currently obsessed and can not stop themselves from playing.

The game consists of two types of players; impostors and crewmates. Among the ten players, one-three are randomly chosen to play impostor, while the remaining members are categorized as crewmates. An impostors’ sole purpose is to sabotage the ship that crewmates are working together to fix and to kill any crew member in sight.

The exciting aspect of playing is trying to discover who is the liar of the group. When someone finds a dead body, they are able to report it, which takes all players into a chat. In this chat, players are supposed to state where the body was found and if they saw anyone acting suspiciously. This is where things get interesting, if someone happened to see the killer, they would obviously tell the chat. But convincing everyone that you are not lying is a much more difficult task than one would think. The person you are blaming will always try to blame you and make themselves look innocent, and if done correctly, this tactic works. When people believe they have the right person, they will vote them out and find out whether they were the impostor. Some impostors have become excellent at manipulating others into voting for other people to save themselves.

Playing Among Us with a group of friends makes it a lot more entertaining since you are able to talk with each other. Knowing that one of your friends is the Impostor raises the tension in the group because they are lying to everyone else.

I love playing Among Us with my close friends because it makes it funnier and you are kind of in shock that your own friends are capable of betraying everyone in order to win the game..

— senior Isabelle Barbery

Though most people have played the game in a traditional manner, others have put their creativity to use by creating other methods. For instance, some players use a “hide-and-seek” version in which the lights are dimmed down and the impostor is on the loose looking for people to kill. Crewmates do not complete their task, their sole objective is to be the last player standing. Another interesting method is to have your phone in grayscale, this removes color from the players which is the main identification method. Players also change their name to the same thing so that they can not be called out. The point of this method is to vote out the correct person, without knowing who they actually were.

“I have only played Among us the traditional way but I will definitely try the hide-and-seek version. I think it is cool that people have found alternate ways of making this game even more interesting,’ junior Abigail Colodner said.

Among Us is one of the best games that has come out over the years, it is something different from what we are used to seeing on the App store. It has created bonds with people across the country and entertained friend groups on late weekend nights.