The Social Dilemma: Shedding Light on Society


Ingrid Moises

People all around the world use different social media platforms on a daily basis. Social media has taken over society, and now people think.

Ingrid Moises, Staff Writer

Movie: The Social Dilemma

Release Date: September 9, 2020

Director:Jeff Orlowski

Our Grade: A+

In today’s day and age, technology and social media determines the way we live our lives. ” The Social Dilemma” on Netflix shed a light on all of the consequences social media and networking has had on our lives in the past decade and even longer. It is no secret that social media gradually changes the way people speak, show affection and express themselves. It is a change that is so gradual, you do not even notice that it is happening. Social networking sites have manipulated the human mind to the point you are the product, not the app. “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix helps viewers become aware of this minuscule manipulation, pushing for reflection on their own everyday lives.

In essence, this film consisted of interviews with former executives and founders of these social platforms explaining the dangers of those same networks, paired with graphics and scenes to help the viewer retain what is going on. Tristan Harris, the main speaker of this film, emphasized on the manipulation of the human mind.

Not only did the film include those with open distain for social media, but the director also decided to include clips of those who are avidly involved in social media’s development. For example, Mark Zuckerburg was only really shown once or twice, but including him in the film was an eye-opener for many viewers. He opened the doors to the social media world for many people, and it was interesting to see how far that world has expanded since Facebook was launched. His words also provided a counterargument to other aspects of the film.

“I genuinely think the solution to all of this can only be achieved if everyone comes together. We all have to collectively stop letting social media control our lives,” junior Marianpaola Chacon said.

To get viewers to further take in the message of the documentary, paid actors displayed a few scenes in a normal family home conveying the addictive phenomenon of social media in the home. The use of technology was so addictive in this household that the characters could not go a second without being on their social networks. This may be slightly dramatized, but variations of this happen all around the world. The producers of this film did a good job in showing examples as to how household look nowadays because of technology.

“It is really important that people do not forget how to communicate with each other. Something that was supposed to bring people together, is now dividing them even more,” junior Daniel Rodriguez said.

Although it may not be a surprise to everyone, this film highlights that that these social networking companies know every single detail about their users. They must create a profile to fit your interests or they lose your attention and money. Every second that you spend on social media, your life and attention are being sold. “The Social Dilemma” shows that consumers are being seen as a product and not people. They make these applications more addicting for their own benefit, and do not care about the risks it may be causing on your everyday life. This film successfully addresses these issues, and gives viewers the chance to take control of their own lives by conveying that social media is not everything in life. If there are any important takeaways from this documentary, one would be to take time to forget about what people are up to and live your life in the moment.

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