Theaters With a Twist: Movie Theater Alternatives in Miami

Popcorn, soda, & tickets isolated on white with clipping path

James Steidl

Popcorn, soda, & tickets isolated on white with clipping path

Arianna Hoyos, Staff Writer

Social distancing has become the new norm all across the globe due to the highly contagious and widespread Coronavirus. With the phrase “six feet apart” being prevalent in 2020 lingo, it is difficult to enjoy the basic entertainment that was a large part of our routine social lives. Activities such as going to movie theaters have become a struggle due to the strict sanitation policies and rigid guidelines these facilities have put into place. Luckily, Miami has adapted to these hardships and there are now unique ways one can watch the latest films. Here are some of the newest ways to hit the theaters and get your mind off of the pandemic.

Hard Rock Stadium Open Air Theater
The Hard Rock Stadium has now switched from hosting football games and concerts to playing movies of all genres and decades for people to enjoy. The stadium offers both a drive-in theater, where families can enjoy the viewing from their car, and an open-air theater where each group is assigned a tent or couch on the stadium’s lawn where they can relax and enjoy the film. One of the main perks is that the stadium even offers food and drinks to purchase while watching the movie. This event is perfect for families, friends and couples who are looking to escape quarantine and enjoy a safe night out! Click this link to learn more about the event and purchase tickets.

“One thing I did was sit through a “virtual theater” which was basically renting a movie for three days. It was actually super cool because I got to support a local theater during a time where they have no business,” sophomore Sarah Whalen said.

Oleta State Park Kayaking Movie Showing
Looking for a way to unwind and relax? Reconnect with nature at the Oleta State Park kayaking movie tour. Start off paddling through the mangroves with a professional guide and learn about the unique wildlife that lives in the area. You’ll then find yourself at a beach cove where you anchor down your kayak and watch Finding Nemo from the water. It doesn’t get any cooler than this! The event on Sep. 18 is from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. and has limited seats, so make sure to reserve a spot soon. Click this link to purchase tickets and get more details on the event.

Coral Gables Art Cinema
While this community theater has stopped hosting in-person showings, they are now offering old classics on their website. Anybody can now watch movies such as “The Phantom of the Opera”, “The Three Stoges” and “Jungle Book” in the comfort of their own home. The best part of this is that the movies are absolutely free and can be enjoyed from any location. The cinema explains that while their theater is closed, you can “drive-in” to their website and select one of the movies they have. With over 20 movies to choose from, this at-home theater experience is sure to satisfy every member of the family. Click this link to see all the movies the Coral Gables Art Cinema has to offer.

“[Renting from Coral Gables Art Cinema] was a great experience that I would recommend to many people and enjoyed very much. I liked that I could watch it at home where I felt safe and my family could come together to enjoy one of these old classic films,” sophomore Francesca Rico said.

While these alternatives aren’t exactly what we are used to, they offer a unique experience that wouldn’t have happened without COVID-19. These are just a few ways to hit the box office while staying safe. This weekend, try taking your mind off of COVID-19 by immersing yourself in a film and enjoying the beauty of theater through a new lens.