My Brother Jordan: a Touching Story of Loss


The one-hour-long documentary on Jordan Robiness’ battle with Cancer will leave viewers feeling as if they knew him personally.

Alejandra Dellano, Staff Writer

Title:My Brother Jordan
Director:Justin Robinson
MPAA Rating:PG
Release Date:Aug 19, 2020
Our Grade:A+

“My Brother Jordan” is a tear-jerking documentary centered around Jordan Robinson’s life and passing in a collection of 102 interviews & 300+ videotapes. In the beginning, a series of home videos from the family’s early life begins to roll on screen which gives the viewer a sense of how it felt for them growing up; through a series of interviews and connections created through them the director makes its extensively clear to the viewers that Jordan was not only a very goal-oriented young man but he was also compassionate and kind hearted. Throughout the film we are shown instances in which Jordan shows remarkable selflessness and puts other priorities over his own.

In high school, Jordan’s mother noticed a knot in his skin and when she went to the doctor she was told to brush it off. The interviewers brought into this segment all collectively agreed that Jordan was a strong person who would not typically be fussy about his issues. Jordan fell sicker and sicker his brother Justin Robinson said “drain surgery not only discovered those suspicious cells, it drained those cells into his ankle.” Nevertheless his illness did not stop Jordan from keeping a smile on his face and a positive attitude that connects the viewer in an engaging way, the directors grab our attention by presenting slideshow pictures of moments throughout his treatment where he was never shy to illuminate the screen with his beaming smile.

The story of Jordan P. Robiness is truly a heartwarming yet sad story that clearly has touched many people. “My Brother Jordan” really makes it feel as if the audience knew Jordan and his family while they grieved, and is a heartbreaking story about the loss of an amazing person, and the bonds of siblings.

— freshman Gabriella Blanco

“My Brother Jordan” is an impeccable portrayal of love and loss. One thing to be celebrated that is consistently displayed throughout the documentary is the choice of background music. The editor made it so that it was always aligned with the event taking place. This aspect along with the eye catching cinematography in conjunction with the audio made it so that anyone viewing undoubtedly feels the raw emotion shown on screen. It is clear a lot of blood, sweat and tears were put into this film. Jordan’s brother, the sole heart and soul of this project, spent an astronomical eight years working on creating this outstanding documentary to keep his brother’s legacy alive.

The range of emotions from person to person is impeccable: happiness, heartbreak, new beginnings, life long memories and more. “My brother Jordan” is one-hour masterpiece that is crushing yet heartfelt, compassion fills my heart for the ones who lost someone who seemed so full of nothing but joy. The portrayal of Jordan Robiness in this documentary leaves you feeling as if you knew him personally this on the filmmaker’s part is astonishing.

“Justin’s representation of Jordan in this movie is truly unlike any other. I couldn’t possibly imagine what it could’ve been like to lose a brother, especially considering the close bond they shared, it seemed like they were one in the same” sophomore Isabella Busquets said.

Jordan left an impact in his community that will never fade especially now due to this beautiful documentary. Anyone who has experienced a loss like this in their life will sympathize and engage very well with this movie.  People of all ages should take some time to sit down and watch this show-stopping documentary.