Glossier Comes to Miami!


Daniela Parra del Reigo

The pop-up shop, which opened on April 28 in Whynwood, features tropical, ‘Miami-themed’ decor both inside and out.

Our Rating: A

Glossier is known for its simple yet elegant skincare and makeup products that appeal to a very extensive audience. The sleek packaging has attracted a great following despite the fact that the brand only sells products through its online store and two physical stores across the nations. The brand occasionally sets up pop-up shops across the nation and on March 27, Glossier officially came to Wynwood.

Daniela Parra Del Reigo  The tropical fruit wasn’t just for decoration – these tasty mango popsicles were sold near Wynwood.

Located near the main tourist attractions in Wynwood, the store matches the vivid neighborhood. Decorated with bright colors and simple, smooth letters, the property itself is not big enough to fit the countless excited customers that come to visit; to enter, shoppers have to wait a short time in a line. To begin setting the atmosphere before the shoppers entered, Glossier installed mirrors with the classic Glossier logo and flowers that blended in perfectly with the Art-Deco decorations. The Spanish music that plays, combined with the excited chattering from shoppers, adds to the energy of the room, which is very on-brand with Glossier’s tropical interpretation of Miami.

The showroom itself was filled with photo opportunities at every corner, which only reinforced the brand’s online presence. Tropical decorations and plastic fruits filled up the spaces on the tables where there was no makeup and the pastel pink walls adorned with glass brick windows were reminiscent of some of Miami’s oldest structures. The decor was one of the store’s strongest points – it added a uniqueness to the pop-up. From the tropical potted plants to the pastel color scheme, the furnishing made it clear to anyone walking in that the pop-up could not be set anywhere but sunny South Florida.

“Glossier has been a favorite of mine for years now, and when I found out it came to Miami I knew I had to go immediately. I was so excited to see that they had all my favorite products available. My favorite part was how the decorations and finishes meshed well together,” junior Isabella Martell said.

Daniela Parra Del Reigo
This bench, a popular photo spot inside of the Glossier pop-up shop, combines its logo with the pastel colors and glass bricks traditional in the area.

Tourists and Miami natives alike ultimately visited the pop-up for the classic array of Glossier products and did not leave disappointed. The showroom had two wings with the same makeup on either side to allow all eager fans to see the products. From the most popular product, Boy Brow, to the just-released Mango Balm Dot Com, Glossier offered every single product that is available online. The skincare and makeup items alike maintained the same high quality and smooth finish that has made the brand so popular over the past decade. Every product is developed with the intent of allowing beauty to become an element of one’s personal style.

In terms of pricing, the store was generally affordable for a high-end makeup brand, but still has room for improvement in order to be truly accessible to the people outside of its regular customer base. Prices started at a mere $12, and much of the makeup was priced under $25, though some items cost up to $60 or more.

Daniela Parra Del Reigo
For each of these fruity keychains sold, $5 was donated to the Lamba Legal firm in defense of LGBT and HIV positive rights.

In addition to the pre-existing products, a limited edition keychain was for sale at the store. The keychain reflected the Art Deco and tropical style of the store with decorative plastic fruits and a pastel pink label. As an added bonus, Glossier will donate a third of the profits made from keychain sales to Lambda Legal, an organization that defends LGBT rights and those living with HIV. The donation showed Glossier’s dedication not only to quality products but also to improving the planet – a breath of fresh air in comparison to some of its competitors in the beauty industry. 

“I am really excited the Glossier decided to expand their brand to Miami. I think they will have a good market here and I can’t wait to try all their products,” sophomore Kaitlyn Duardo said.

The beautiful decoration and quality products available at the Miami Glossier pop-up makes it a must-visit for beauty and skincare fanatics all across the city, but be sure to go quickly! The shop is only open for a month and will close after April 28.

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