Three Useful Apps For Times of Stress


Mercedes Debesa

Three useful apps to relieve stress and procrastination.

Miguel Lemus, Staff Writer

Are you typically someone that procrastinates? Do you find yourself stressed out often? With technology advancing at a rapid rate, there are now a variety of applications available that offer simple but affordable alternatives to help solve your problems. As high school students, stress tends to persist throughout our day due our numerous responsibilities. However, a common problem that tends to affect our emotional and mental balance is procrastination. Below are a few applications that can be used to help reduce stress and limit procrastination.


Our Rating: A+

Stress is a human response to any sign of danger which can be easily induced by schoolwork. The app HeadSpace aims to help with that: HeadSpace offers guided meditations and mindfulness techniques to create a healthy balance within your daily routine. The app also gives you several meditations to alleviate any creeping sign of insomnia. HeadSpace is a great app for everyone to use, not solely those who struggle with stress. HeadSpace is beneficial to anyone with a busy schedule by helping them take a few minutes out of their day to relax and meditate, creating a more self-aware and less stressed version of themselves.

”Before I was using HeadSpace I found myself feeling stressed  out all the  time, but the more I used  it I found myself being more relieved on days that I had the most amount of homework,” junior Celine Perez said.


Our Rating: B+

Forest has a smooth user-friendly interface that creates a simple yet interactive way to prevent the use of your phone. Without a doubt, phone use is a leading factor of procrastination. Essentially, Forest uses a virtual tree that one grows with a group of friends or independently. The less you procrastinate, the more the tree grows.

Since the growth of the virtual tree is dependent upon the amount of time you spend on your device, Forest is a great alternative for students who want a fun but simple way to control procrastination. Forest helps students reduce the chances of having the urge to use their electronic device. Through the use of Forest, the potential of a student learning better time management skills is very likely. Despite Forest being $1.99, the application is overall worth the small amount you are spending.


Our Rating: A-

For most students, math is viewed as one of the most difficult subjects. We have all had days where no matter how many times the teacher explains the lesson, we still can not seem to comprehend a single ounce of what they are trying to teach. This often leaves us completely confused and discouraged. If one is feeling hopeless when it comes to learning math, Slader is the right app to use when trying to self-teach a math lesson. Unlike most math-related applications,  Slader is completely free and has a smooth user-friendly platform.

Slader offers a step by step solutions to math problems from textbooks ranging from Pre-algebra to Calculus– even AP! Slader is a great alternative if you do not have the money or time for a math tutor. However, there are times when the application does not thoroughly explain a concept enough for one to understand a problem. Nevertheless, if you are someone who desires a fast and easily accessible math application, then Slader is best suited for you.

“I occasionally use Slader to check to make sure the answers are correct and it ’s really helpful in the aspect that it shows a step by step solution,”  freshmen Melanie Nunez.

Overall, if you are a student who struggles to keep track of time and needs extra help with homework, the applications above are all great approaches to reduce stress and change the overall attitude of the day. Although apps are surprisingly reliable, one must remember not to depend on them too much, and rather use them as guides for a better life.