Future’s Album: FUTURE

The album cover for Futures FUTURE is as unique as his music.


The album cover for Future’s FUTURE is as unique as his music.

Brianna Valdes, Staff Writer


Artist: Future

Genre: Hip-hop, Trap

Release Date: Feb. 17, 2017

Our Rating: B+

The very multi-faceted Future released a self-titled album which allowed him to share his many different personas. Depending on the song he’s either a ladies-man, a hustler, a party-starter or an attention seeker. FUTURE honors the rapper’s Atlanta roots and underground albums.

“This album was not a let down but Future’s work has been better. Future is great and all his songs are great to listen to in any mood,” freshman Andres Hurtado said

Rent Money

Future not only is a great rapper but has a few dance moves up his sleeve.

This songs title is self-explanatory; it talks about the different ways Future obtained his “Rent Money” when he was poor. The simple beats at the beginning of the song lead up to a beat drop, making the song great to listen to. Like any other song, Future puts his emotions into it and this can be heard throughout the lyrics.


Not only a rapper, Future is really into fashion.

One of the catchier songs, “Draco” involved great production. The lyrics to this song are more conversational than any of the other songs on the album. “Draco” is another word for gun, according to Urban Dictionary. The song describes the hardships of living in the Atlanta hood and, according to Future, those who do live there should not leave without some sort of protection. Like any other of his songs, Draco is relevant to Future’s past and how he once had to live in fear.

Mask Off

Like any other rapper, Future boasts about the amount of money he makes.

“Mask Off” is the most popular song off the album. The song has been used in memes on the internet, especially Twitter. The background sound appears to be a flute, making the song sound more ethnic. The chorus is repeated more than usual, which is what makes it so catchy. Although there is no real meaning behind the lyrics of the song, it is a great dance song and one of the most enjoyable off the album.

“This song isn’t my favorite song by Future but it’s really catchy. Overall, the album was good for being so underground and all songs are catchy,” senior Arden Avera said

The sounds of the album vary with 808 boom, warped myths, and jittery rhymes, which are all featured in his songs. This album is more of a dedication to the experiences that shaped Future, especially tracks like “Feds did a Sweep’ and “When I Was Broke”. Overall, the album provides a glimpse into the life of Future and what it was like to live in inner city Atlanta.

To purchase and download the album, click here.