Into Thin Air

Into Thin Air is a great read for those interested in drama and adventure.

Into Thin Air is a great read for those interested in drama and adventure.

John Hiaasen, Staff Writer

Our Rating:  A-

In 1996, mountain climbers were shocked when a storm hit Mt. Everest and many were left helpless on the mountain. That year, 24 tour groups had come to summit Mt. Everest, and with the large amount of people on the mountain, several climbers were stranded and eight were left for dead. One of the survivors, Jon Krakauer, wrote about his experience in the novel, Into Thin Air. Another novel called The Climb was written by another survivor, Antoli Boukreev, who felt that Into Thin Air portrayed himself in a bad light. Now in 2015, a movie documenting these events has come out in theaters.

Here is the movie poster for the new movie about the events depicted in Into Thin Air.
The poster for the new movie based on the events depicted in Into Thin Air.

Into Thin Air is a very emotional book that gives the reader an adrenaline rush. The book goes into details about the horrifying incident. The book also feels as though it is not made to exploit what happened on the mountain, but to honor those who died on Everest.

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Giovan Pena
Here you can see the bleak, but stunning, atmosphere of Mt. Everest.

Everest, the movie follows most of the events depicted in both Into Thin Air and The Climb, but has some scenes that reportedly never happened, which upset Jon Krakauer. Besides that, the movie had stunning visuals.

“I would read about Mt. Everest because I find it a daring and amazing feat to accomplish and partake in,” freshman Sam White said.

Into Thin Air is great, detailed, and seems to mourn those who passed on the mountain. There were some controversial parts due to misrepresentation, but it was a good lead all the same.