Bargain Your Caffeine Fix

Maria F. Estrada, Staff Writer

Our Rating: Starbucks- B, C’est Bon-A

In a sleep deprived generation, coffee is a necessary part of our daily routine. There are a variety of places to visit in Miami that offer many options for your caffeine fix. Students can comfortably enjoy C’est Bon, a French cafe, right in front of Gables located at Village of Merrick Park.  Starbucks is also available with its many perks right around the corner on Miracle Mile. However, when it comes to quality, both compete with their delectable coffee and café goods, but which business has a better ambiance to accompany your freshly brewed coffee?


C'est Bon's tranquil indoor seating
Maria F. Estrada.
C’est Bon’s tranquil indoor seating.
Starbucks' ambiance on a Thursday afternoon.
Maria F. Estrada
Starbucks’ ambiance on a Thursday afternoon.

As a couple of Coral Gables students gather after school in search of a drink that will quench their thirst, C’est Bon and Starbucks offer a social environment that makes them perfect places to enjoy a well made coffee with your friends after a long day. Due to the different age groups that fill up the room, they both have different atmospheres. C’est Bon, with a  juvenile crowd, is the ideal place to have a conversation with your friends, inside or outside. With a more discrete environment, Starbucks is more introverted and is definitely your place if you are in search of a local coffee shop to study or simply reminisce.

Winner: C’est Bon


Starbucks' blueberry muffin.
Maria F. Estrada
Starbucks’ blueberry muffin.
C'est Bons' blueberry muffin and small iced coffee.
Maria F. Estrada
C’est Bons’ blueberry muffin and small iced coffee.

Despite similar quality in their products, Starbucks and C’est Bon have very different prices. Starbucks’ price for a tall iced coffee is $1.95. At C’est Bon, their small size offers about double the amount of coffee that Starbucks’ small has for only $2.79. In spite of that, other items like pastries or muffins are more economical at Starbucks. For example, a blueberry muffin at C’est Bon is $2.59, and for the same size at Starbucks it’s $2.25. Depending on what you are looking for, a delicious coffee or a low-priced muffin, you can choose the location that best suits you. Because coffee is the main commonality and C’est Bon’s is cheaper, it wins this round.

Winner: C’est Bon

“Whenever I need a fresh cup of coffee for a good price, C’est Bon is my go-to-gal,” freshman Nicole Verdesoto said.


Starbucks' tall iced coffee.
Maria F. Estrada
Starbucks’ tall iced coffee.


Although Starbucks’ coffee is appetizing, C’est Bon’s coffee has a palatable taste from its fresh homegrown coffee beans that emit a succulent fragrance.  Starbucks’ appearance can definitely be deceiving when it comes to their coffee, that occasionally includes too much ice that leads to watery coffee.  In comparison to Starbucks,  C’est Bon’s coffee is not as aesthetically pleasing; but this is compensated with their adequate portions of ice and reasonable quantity. However, when it comes to pastries, Starbucks’ cake pops and lemon cake dethrones C’est Bons’ French pastries. Both sell toothsome goodies, but have contrasting prices that can be adjusted to one’s situation.

Winner: Tied

“Starbucks is definitely iconic for its many refreshments and delicious coffee, but it’s time to try something new and I think C’est Bon is the place to try something new,” freshman Yasmin Cubas said.

Despite the fact that C’est Bon is not as well known as Starbucks, it has lot to offer to coffee lovers in search of a local coffee shop. C’est Bon can supply freshly brewed coffee and French pastries; it also has amazing prices that compliment the food. Starbucks is a worldwide company, yet does not defeat C’est Bons’ mouthwatering coffee. Leaving it as an almost tied feud, C’est Bon wins with its homemade twist on coffee.