I AM HARDWELL Tour Comes to Miami


Jason Koerner

Miami was the second to last stop of the I AM HARDWELL Tour.

Hilda Delgado, Staff Writer

On Nov. 15, the #1 DJ in the world brought his talents to the Klipsch Amphitheater at Bayfront Park. Thousands made their way to Downtown to witness the return of Hardwell, the king of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), to Miami since Ultra Music Festival (UMF).

After hours of waiting in line and an amazing opening act by Dannic, smoke and confetti shot out into the crowd to welcome Hardwell onto the stage. The crowd exploded with excitement, jumping up and down as lights flashed and music blasted. Fans were decked out in rave gear, wearing kandi stacked on their arms, sporting all kinds of fluorescent apparel, and waving flags to represent different countries.

In terms of setup, the stages and light work were executed perfectly. Every single song had a different light production accompanying it in the background. Hardwell debuted brand new music that night, which included both original tracks and remixes of today’s hits. He did not fail to play his biggest hits: Arcadia, Never Say Goodbye and Spaceman.

In 2012, Hardwell was given the Best Remixer Award and was placed as the #6 DJ in the world. That year, fans really discovered the real Hardwell, making him trend on Twitter and predicting that he would be the next #1. Two years later, Hardwell proved himself to anyone who ever doubted him; being placed as the #1 DJ in the world, his heart-pounding music revolutionized dance music and made him gain a tremendous, loyal fan base.

That night, thousands came together to share their love and excitement for EDM. The energy was amazing and there was not one moment where you were not dancing to Hardwell’s incredible drops.

“This was my first rave and I can honestly say that no other type of music could bring such amazing feelings,” freshman Naomy Gamarra said.

Although the concert aftermath consists of sweat, messy hair, an aching body and a raspy voice, it is completely worth the experience. Watching and dancing to such a great artist who puts so much work and dedication not only into his music, but also into his fans, is ultimately satisfying.