Janette & Co. Macaron



Janette & Co. sells macaroons, french pastries and gelato.

Hilda Delgado, Staff Writer

Our Rating: A

This new French patisserie proudly offers the finest macaroons in Miami, as well as a fine selection of French pastries, chocolates and gelato.

Janette & Co. Macaron (closest shop: 208 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL 33134) is centrally located in the middle of Miracle Mile and in South Miami. However, it is especially unique in that it offers a new twist on your average macaroons. Besides the traditional flavors like pistachio and raspberry, they also have special macaroons such as rose petal and pear chocolate available for purchase. They are fresh, delicate and the palette is beyond succulent. The patisserie also has gluten free and dairy free options, targeting the healthier crowd. Somehow, Janette & Co. has mastered a dessert that is notoriously difficult to achieve.

The store’s décor is clean, fresh and beautifully decorated in bright colors. As soon as you walk in, there are a variety of cool macaroon flavors to choose from. Down the counter, you’ll find chocolate truffles in hazelnut, milk chocolate and espresso flavors. Its ambiance creates a welcoming sensation, while remaining very sharp and elegant.

Macaroons are known for being quite expensive. At Janette & Co. their macaroons are a bit pricey, but it all pays off with one bite of their scrumptious pastries. Usually, items are priced anywhere from $2.50 per macaroon to $18 for a box of 32.

“I first noticed this spot when I purchased tea at the store right next to it. I went inside to check it out and ended up eating around 5 macaroons. I had totally forgotten about my tea because they were so good,” freshman Juliana Lievano said.

After your long and hectic day at school, take a walk to Janette & Co. for a sweet after school treat! You won’t regret it.