How to Have a COVID-19 Friendly Spring Break



Enjoy a picnic outside to safely spend Spring break.

Mia Cabrera, Staff Writer

Though it is unlikely that anybody would have expected it to last this long, COVID-19 is still prevalent, unfortunately cutting into this year’s Spring break. Every year, students from all over the U.S. countdown the days until their Spring breaks, getting ready to travel, hang out with friends and go to the beach almost every day. However, because of the virus, many of those traditional plans have been ruined. That does not mean that Spring break will be any less fun. With some creative thinking, there are many COVID-friendly activities to do this Spring break that can be just as fun.

Movie Marathon

A whole week off of school is the perfect opportunity to catch up on a favorite show, or start watching a new one! With all the different streaming services available, there are countless movies and shows available to watch. Tell your friends to accompany you and join a group call to safely binge-watch together. Grab a blanket and a bucket of popcorn and get ready for an intense binge of the best new shows. Rewatch throwbacks like “iCarly” or “The Breakfast Club”. Brush up on the supernatural with a series like “The Vampire Diaries” or “The Order”. If you are looking for a comfort show, watch your classic sitcoms like Friends or Gilmore Girls. Whether one day during the break is spent catching up on the best movies, or all seven days are spent binging the most popular shows, watching TV is the perfect way to decompress from school.


Picnics are a perfect way to safely spend spring break. Gathering a few friends and planning to go on a picnic is a socially-distanced way to see friends and get out of the house. Find a grassy area like an empty part of a golf course, or a secluded part of the beach where there will not be many people around. Have everybody attending bring some type of food- it can be anything! Casual picnics can include favorite candies or chips, while more elaborate picnics can have cakes or burgers. You can do extra things like set a theme for the outfits, or plan fun games to play. This is a great activity to try out during spring break, as it allows friends to have fun while being social distanced, too.

For my 2021 Spring break, I’m really looking forward to having a break from school and spending time with my friends, safely of course. I have been planning on arranging picnics and outdoor trails for me and my friends to venture on,

— sophomore Sofia Rodriguez

Scenic Drives

Though travelling is not realistic at the moment, it does not mean that one cannot safely go out of town for just a day . People have been and are continuing to become even more stir-crazy just staying at home and seeing the same things every single day. To spice things up from the typical routine, grab the family and spend the day taking a long scenic drive. Whether this drive is in town or far away from home, taking the time to get out of the house and enjoy the scenery is a great way to take the mind off of the quotidian school stress. Drive past the beach and watch the sunset or visit a small town and admire its charm. Getting out of the house for at least one day is a perfect way to spend spring break without the constraints of being indoors the whole time.

“To safely spend spring break, I’m definitely planning on going on a bunch of scenic drives with my family every night,” sophomore Trisha Pana said.

Game Day

Brace yourself for an intense family game-day, a great way to spend time with loved ones and have a super fun time, too! First, see what games are already available at home- a deck of cards, Uno, Twister, Sorry- anytype of game you can play. If there are not enough games for your liking, you can go out to a Target nearby and pick up a few of the most eye-catching board games in store. Spend as much time as you want having a competitive yet lighthearted game day with the fam, keeping score of who wins and loses the games. If the competition does not interest you, it can be just for recreational purposes, too. This is also the perfect opportunity to make game-day themed meals, like burgers or guacamole. Having a full day of just playing games with the people you love is an amazing way to spend your spring break while being COVID-safe.

All in all, any of these options would be a perfect choice for a great, fun and safe way to spend spring break. You can still have fun and be responsible during the break to prevent another spike. Simple ideas like these are only a few of the many different activities that can be done during the break to really make the most out of it.