Quality over Quantity: the Art of Minimalism


Natalie Abrahantes

Minimalism exactly how it sounds: finding beauty in simplicity.

Alejandra Dellano, Staff Writer

The art of minimalism has grown increasingly over the years in pop culture through mentions on social media platforms and documentary films, which mainly consist of people discussing their additions of minimalist tendencies into their lifestyles and their results. Minimalism transcends multiple aspects of life, from the music industry to visual art and even architecture and home decoration.

When it comes to implementing minimalism, a day-to-day lifestyle consists of living efficiently with less materialistic values. Modern minimalism is typically pictured with simple color palettes including colors such as white, beige, gray and muted tones.additionally. It consists of clean and clear spaces that set up a calming and well put-together atmosphere. Overall, minimalism emphasizes the need to only purchase what is necessary, portraying the philosophy of “less is more”.

“Growing up I grew a tendency to hold on to meaningful objects that I’ve collected throughout the years as a sort of souvenir but I’ve learned that memories don’t come in the objects I hold but with the people i shared them with,” freshman Gabriel Reguera said.

As minimalism permeates more and more lives, the perks that come along with it start to have an effect. It is common knowledge that the less you buy, the less you spend. However, that is not the only advantage of adapting to a more minimalist lifestyle. Cleaning out junk from your home can be a great remedy for stress; when you declutter all of the mess that hinders productivity, it reduces the hassle of worrying about misplacing items. The less you spend on unnecessary clutter, the more you have to spend on quality products and to spare on giving back to others and the earth. Instead of spending money on designer wardrobe or fully priced items, you can shop second hand or buy one quality item over a plethora of unnecessary ones.

“I have been trying to pursue living more minimalistically for so long because i’ve seen some of my favorite influencers show their homes and lifestyle and i feel that it would greatly benefit me.” sophomore Parker D’alemberte said.

Starting the journey to limit your purchases and focus on minimalism is never easy, as you must break the cycle of online shopping and browsing through store shelves for useless paraphernalia. To ease into it, you can begin by doing the little things first. A good way to begin is to clean out your personal space such as the desk, bed or even shelves,slowly progressing throughout the house. With what is left over, you can give away or donate to someone who would find a better use for it rather than putting it in the trash.All in all, minimalism and the decluttering that comes along with it may require some adaptations at first, but it can serve as a creative new method to bettering your life for good.