Making Uniform Fashionable



Students express their style at Coral Gables High School while still following the uniform policy.

Ketty Dones, Staff Writer

The start of the winter season calls for a change in wardrobe while still following school uniform guidelines. Experiencing heat most of the time, a temperature change can be seen as a good thing for our style. Hot or cold, there are ways to respect the uniform policy while still expressing yourself. Here are some easy tips you can follow to make the best out of the usual polos and jeans. School uniform is a requirement for Coral Gables Senior High, yet students can add their own twist to the traditional uniform. Here are a few examples on how to be fashionable while following school rules:

Jackets, Sweaters and Cardigans 

There are simple touches you can add to school polos. As the temperature drops, clothing items that keep you warm are practical. There are many ways to stay warm, whether it is a chilly day outside or if it is cold inside your classes. Jackets and sweaters are available in many different styles. There are many sweaters with the school logo, which bring out school pride.  Cardigans are knitted sweaters that can add a hint of chic to your polos. These clothing items allow you to mix up your style while still following school rules.

“Wearing my Gablette senior jacket allows me to express my style while being cozy, and it allows me to show off how proud i am to be part of the dance team,” senior Alessia Casas said.

Ketty Dones
Closed toe platform flats add the boho fashion to your everyday school uniform

Sneakers, Flats and Boots

Another addition to style can involve which type of shoes you wear. Trend has it that Nike Air Force One’s, along with Vans and Converse, are the most worn shoes amongst the teenage crowd at Gables High.

You can stand out from the crowd by wearing platform flats, these shoes are closed toed and add a couple of inches to your height. As the weather is changing, it is a good idea to bring out your winter boots for a walk to keep you warm. You can also go for a more professional look with your uniform by wearing loafers rather than the normal sneakers.

Ketty Dones
By wearing silly socks students show their fashion skills and holiday excitement.

“I enjoy wearing loafers to school. I always try to go for the business casual look while wearing my loafers and uniform,” senior Richard Smithies said.


Aside from clothing items, there are other ways to spice up fashion through accessories. For example, socks have an array of designs, allowing students to express themselves through them. There are different ways of styling your hair with scrunchies, headbands and hair pins. Belts can also add on to your look, allowing you to stay fashionable and comfortable throughout the day. You can accessorize your uniform by wearing different earrings, bracelets and necklaces to add on to your daily .

While having to wear a school uniform on a daily basis can get repetitive, there are evidently many ways to enhance your daily outfits. Through a variety of tops, shoes and accessories, not only can Cavalier students express their fashion taste, but they also get to sports unique outfits every day.