Parental Pressure: The Constant Worry


Miguel Lemus

Parental pressure is something that can greatly affect the mental health of many students world-wide.

Miguel Lemus, Staff Writer

From the first day of kindergarten to high school graduation, parents are constantly pressuring their children to excel in school. Even if parents do not mean to impact their kids negatively, a lot of the time this is the result. Constant pressure to succeed in school can throw off a student and cause unnecessary stress.

Gabriella Torna
Percentages of Gables student who feel pressured to succeed by their parents

“Most parents usually can not really relate to our circumstances in school. The school system has significantly changed, making classes much more difficult and future college admissions more competitive. Some pressure can help me focus on my studies while an extreme amount causes me stress,” sophomore Yazmin Quevedo said.

When parents use great amounts of pressure to instill fear in their kids to do well academically, it can lead to possible depression and anxiety among teenagers. Children can begin feeling the need to strive for perfection solely for their parents, which means that even the slightest mistake, like a bad grade on a test, can have a negative impact on their mental stability. For many, school is a stepping stone for “getting into a good college,” an idea that has been reiterated to them by their parents from a young age. This idea can yield multiple results, depending on how a parent goes about enforcing this message.

The idea of working towards a perfect 4.0 grade-point average and being involved in as many extracurricular activities as possible can throw kids off from what they really enjoy to do if they only work toward their parents’ expectations. Although working hard to pursue secondary education is beneficial, it is the way in which it is enforced that can greatly affect teenagers.

“My parents are the most influential individuals in my life. Their pressure towards school makes me a better person, student and it helps me realize what steps I have to take in order to provide for my family in the future,” junior Dylan Arcel said.

To prevent feelings of constant pressure, parents should encourage their children to pursue something they enjoy, like a sport or hobby, to have an escape from constant homework and studying. In addition to this, parents should constantly check up on their kids and talk to them about their stresses. These constant talks can prevent children from acting out and can create a closer bond between them and their parents.

Life is more than just a perfect grade point average and the constant pressure of living up to your parents’ expectations. Do what you love, be who you want and, most importantly, be smart about the decisions you make.