Made in America: American Made

Alexander Yagoda, Staff Writer

Release Date: September 29, 2017

Director: Doug Liman

Starring: Tom Cruise (Barry Seal), Domhnall Gleeson (Mr. CIA Man)

MPAA Rating: R

Our Rating: B+

To say “American Made” is the best movie of the year would be wrong by a long shot, but to say it’s the worst would also be wrong. To be sure, “American Made” was a great movie: watching the events unfold was enjoyable. It was satisfying to see how someone who is consistently rejected by everyone he loves and his government, keeps going back to the source of all his problems- a thirst for money- and how that leads to his eventual demise. The film attempts to convey the message that the meddling of the United States in newly formed or reforming nations can lead to horrific consequences, but fails by making the leadup so pleasing.

Most couples don’t have a relationship as good as this guy and his plane.

“The movie incorporated action and the often-used theme of drug smuggling into a semi-good mashup between the two,” sophomore Aleksander Aguilar said.

Tom Cruise’s fantastic acting abilities also contribute to this problem greatly. To clarify, the descent of Tom Cruise’s charachter, Barry’s life into misery should have been made to seem less enjoyable for everyone involved. Up until nearly the very end, Mr. CIA Man seemed bright and cheery leaving no hints to Barry’s eventual demise, even in scenes when he’s in CIA headquarters. Plus, Barry seems to enjoy it, as if he had actually considered whether or not it was worth the money to continue putting himself and his family through the consequences of his actions.

“I had no idea the movie really existed until I saw it, but it wasn’t that great, but was also pretty entertaining at the same time,” sophomore Nicolas Saliamonas said.

Variety Magazine
The traditionalist pilot says the plane is no good because of its excessive weight.

As always, the movie is what you make of it, but of this movie, you can make very little. I, personally, would not be surprised if the movie were nominated for an award, but I would be very much surprised if it actually won any awards, with the possible exception of Tom Cruise as Best Actor- he was fantastic. This is the kind of movie that people enjoy, but not very much; it is the kind of movie that is only talked about just after its release, which even then is still only when all the other worthwhile movies have been seen. This certainly isn’t the kind of movie people get excited over, like the recently released “Avengers: Infinity War” trailer. This is a movie that people expect to be awful, but gets decent reviews, and then disappoints optimists by only being alright and nowhere near what reviews had promised. To summarize: good, but not great. An “eh?” at best.