The Rebirth of Older Movies?

Animation vs. reality is what captured audiences in the new version of Beauty and the Beast.

Animation vs. reality is what captured audiences in the new version of Beauty and the Beast.

Brianna Valdes, Staff Writer

Hearing an older movie is going to be rebooted and to be released with a whole new vision and cast is always intriguing. But not every remake is up to everyone’s standards, usually being a big let down especially for a big fan of the original picture. Lately, movies that are remade are not the best, with a few exceptions. Not the most creative approach to relaxing a movie some would say and directors and producers make even more money using the same plot as the older movie.

Recently a rendition of Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson as Belle was released and the movie was a hit in the box office. This remake took a slight twist on the modern tale and was made into a live action movie staring a cast that was highly praised by reviewers. As remake of the 1991 animated Disney movie, its cast and characters stuck to the story line and kept the original image alive. This and a few other remake movies have been successful but this is only part of a small group of amazing remade movies.

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I think remakes of classic movies are good ideas. Most of these movies were a tremendous productions that impacted their audiences when they originally came out, but as time passed these classics although not forgotten were not as present as they were when they first came out. With the new technology, children are able to experience a richer approach to such classic alongside their parents who grew up with those same movies.

— senior Salma Santos said.

Usually, hearing of a remake is not as exciting as brand new movie with a different type of story line. A brand new Ghostbusters was released with an all woman cast. Unlike the original, directors deemed it fit to have only woman to empower women leaders and change up the story line. Seeming exciting, fans of the original movie fled to the box offices to only be disappointed in what they watched. The movie did not have the same affect as it did in 1984, and led to the pictures downfall.

Seeing events like the Women’s March in the past few months, remakes are altered to reflect the social issues especially to give more entitlement to women. Even if remakes are not always the best, it is nice to see how the story line can adapt to the change of time which is a quality many popular iconic. If the original movie was amazing in its time, it would be a good idea for film companies to alter it slightly and see how relatable it still can be to viewers many years later. Nevertheless, some classics could never be remade and still hold the essence it originally did. For example, if producers decided to remake Titanic or The Notebook the remakes would likely pale in comparison and leave fans reminiscing about the original movie.

“Remade movies aren’t always the best, most are a complete let down. I don’t think producers should keep recreating these old movies, they should stick to making brand new movies,” junior Gabriel Montecchi said.

All together the resurgence of remakes may or may not die down but, a classic will always remain a classic. Not ever movie that is remade will be a complete let down but it is always better to remain hopeful. Hopefully, the newest remakes will not be as discouraging as some have been in the past.