The Bye Bye Man

Mia Galex, Staff Writer

Release Date: January 13, 2017

Director: Stacy Title

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Starring: Douglas Smith (Elliot), Cressida Bonas (Sasha), Lucien Laviscount (John)

Our rating: D

I am a really big horror movie fan and I expected a lot from this movie but it did not really live up to its full potential.

— Freshman, Adriana Montoya

It is one thing when filmmakers come together in hopes of creating a one of a kind movie designed to shock and entice audiences. However, when writers and directors throw together already famous and popular ideas the outcome ends up being yet another stereotypical horror movie.

The Bye Bye Man focuses on three friends Elliot, Sasha, and John who are Wisconsin college students moving into an old house. Before the trio is fully settled in, they begin experiencing abnormal activity.  On a nightstand, they find the words “Don’t Say It.  Don’t Think It.” carved.  Then, a notion towards The Bye Bye Man, a malicious spirit with the power to manipulate its victims to madness and murder, is found.  Naturally, the gang begins investigating the spirit who gains his power based on how often his name is said or thought of.

“When I heard the name of the film, I already knew it was going to be bad. No film named Bye Bye Man wins awards.  The acting isn’t that great and it really didn’t do anything for me,” sophomore Andres Velasco said.

The main characters’ roles are poorly written, lacking personality and emotion.  The director Stacy Title does make a smart decision by casting Carrie Anne-Moss (Detective Shaw) and Faye Dunaway (Widow Redmon), two actresses who do great injustices for their characters.

Instead of spending $12 on this underwhelming film, watch the free trailer containing the majority of the plot and scares. The Bye Bye Man is a good film for anyone easing themselves into the horror movie world. For those people who have seen all the classics, The Bye Bye Man is a perfect example of how modern horror movies will continue to disappoint fans.