Do New Years Resolutions Work?


Brianna Valdes

Living a healthier lifestyle is one of the more common New Year’s resolutions.

Brianna Valdes, Staff Writer

The beginning of a new year motivates many people to set goals in hopes of improving their quality of life.  However, it seems that not many follow through with these resolutions which makes some people ask, “Do New Year’s resolutions work?”

Every year many come to the conclusion that if they set up a goal at the beginning of the year they will work towards it throughout the year. For many, that isn’t the case. New Year’s resolutions often only last for about a month until the person goes back to their old ways. The commitment that comes with a New Year’s resolution isn’t for everyone, which is why many can’t keep up the goals they set for themselves at the beginning of the year.

“I don’t think New Year’s resolutions work unless you actually put effort into changing, if not there aren’t really gonna be any changes,” freshman Lilaine Lopez said.

Companies capitalize on the idea of New Year’s resolutions; places like gyms offer discounts on memberships and health food delivery services  offer deals some can’t refuse. These companies capitalize on others’ goals, and give people ideas on what their New Years resolutions should be. This shows how New Year’s resolutions often do not work because after a month, gym membership numbers plummet.  

One may think if they exercise more or reduce their debts, that their life will change drastically. But, when realizing it doesn’t, the person becomes discouraged and goes back to how they were before. To learn more about why New Year’s resolutions don’t work click here.

However, there are some ways to make a New Year’s resolution work. Instead of making large and vague goals like “lose weight”, make smaller more specific goals like “go to the gym three times a week” or “take the stairs instead of the elevator” which both will help you reach your big goal. If you make smaller goals then you will feel more accomplished and will stay motivated towards completing your New Year’s resolution.

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Whether or not a New Year’s resolution is seen through depends on how realistic it is, how organized the person is, and how much willpower the person has.

— senior Mark Hurtado said

If someone is dedicated enough to commit to a New Year’s resolution then by all means, they should go for it and better themselves. Bettering oneself should not be limited to the New Year-a person should always feel the need to better themselves whether it be going outside more or enjoying time with their family. Please do not be discouraged if you are trying to complete your New Year’s resolution and take this information as further motivation to accomplish your goals.