Should You be Politically Correct During the Holidays?


Jake Paz

President Elect Donald Trump has always gone against the political correctness that seems to have spread throughout our nation.

Brianna Valdes, Staff Writer

Happy Hanukkah? Merry Christmas? Happy Kwanzaa? Or is it just Happy Holidays? Recently, more students and teachers have to watch the way they mention the holidays, and not assume everyone celebrates one of the many December festivities. This poses a problem to retailers and brands, as there is the challenge on the way to address consumers during this time of year.

Retailers such as GAP and Old Navy had taken Christmas off they marketing all together. But since then, both have come to a realization and agreed that this policy should change. The companies recognized that they appreciated their customers diversity but would focus marketing on Christmas. Retailers and companies who refrain from including Christmas in their marketing alienate a large part of the population, as it is the most celebrated holiday in the United States.

“We want everyone in the classroom to feel included and their traditions embraced. It is important to recognize our differences and everyone’s celebrations,” English and Inquiry Skills teacher Mrs. Lopez-Ponce said.

A Christmas tree is no longer appropriate in classrooms or public places. It is now referred to as a “Holiday Tree.” Things like only playing songs with politically correct lyrics are also required in classrooms. Instead of listening to traditional Christmas music, there have been songs released with lyrics not associating with on specific holiday.

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I do think that it is important to be politically correct during the holiday season because not everyone celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, so we should respect the beliefs of other people and say “Happy Holidays” instead,

— freshman Juliana Bonavite

Having to think before you say “Merry Christmas” or any holiday takes away from the season. The more others’ political correctness, the less holiday spirit. There no longer is the passion for Christmas as there once was. The closer Christmas has come, the more it feels like a regular day is coming. Maybe, if there was not such a push for political correctness there would be more holiday spirit.