House of Representatives Pass Anti-LGBT Bill


Just as soon as we were all becoming one, the House of Representatives passes a bill that roll backs the rights for those who belong to the LGBT community

Yeileny Lopez, Staff Writer

The discrimination of minority groups has always been an issue in society which has been due for a change. The LGBT society has been fighting for their rights for years and finally reached some success on June 26, 2015 when the U.S. supreme court legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states. Recently, a new discussion about LGBT rights has been brought up in the House of Representatives: whether or not gays should have workplace protection rights. The Republican party extended the floor vote past the allotted voting time in order to convince the several republican politicians to reverse their votes from “yay” to “nay” so that their party would win the floor vote. This shameful display unjust politics allowed passing a bill that would not allow the LGBT community to have protection rights in the work place.

The color of your skin, gender, or the person you love isn’t a reason why a person should not be granted civil rights. We are all humans and these labels are affecting the lives of many. The LGBT community should be granted the same rights as the others. Workplace protection prevents bosses from firing their workers or hire people due to their sex preference or gender. If this new bill would be passed in order to prevent the LGBT community the rights they deserve, many innocent people will suffer from discrimination and would not be able to live a normal life.

This new bill is not fair at all. Gays and transgenders are both humans. Since humans are born with natural rights, the LGBT community should be entitled to the same rights no matter what sexual orientation they are or if they want to change their gender

— freshman Lisdeyvis Mestre

While the LGBT community is quite large, there are many people who are against them. Many of those who oppose the community feel that same-sex marriage is a sin and that society should not be supporting it. For them, the correct and only way of marriage is a female and male. The other half believes that the LGBT community shouldn’t be greedy and be thankful that they are able to be married in every state and that transgender are getting more rights.

Even though everyone is entitled to their opinions, the way these people are reacting is unfair. They are discriminating against these humans based on qualities that make them who they are and preventing them from basic human rights. LGBT people deserve the same civil rights as any other American  citizen. This bill does not only neglect the rights to the LGBT society but it will also make it easier for the House limit the rights of other groups.

“The fact that the Republican party is rigging votes so gays and transgender don’t have rights shows how little integrity they have. They need to realize that we need a country/future where everyone is equal,” sophomore Marta D’Ocon said.

Thankfully, in order to become a law this bill will have to also be passed by the senate and by President Obama which is very unlikely. The President is known to be one of the biggest supporter of the LGBT community and actually signed an executive order in 2014 to grant them protection in the workplace. The bill Obama signed is the same executive order that the Republican party wants to propose against-Obama will surely overthrow the bill.