Asian American Hate Amidst COVID-19

Gabriel Wagner, CavsTV Staff April 17, 2021

Asian Americans are the third largest minority group in the United States, making up approximately 5.9% of the total population (2019 US Census). Anti-Asian sentiment has been present in the United States...

As the number of students using illicit substances rises, schools are trying to find solutions to keep their students drug-free.

Preventing Substance Usage: Where Do Schools Stand?

Pablo Hanono, Staff Writer November 10, 2017

Adolescence is a time in an individual’s life where the boundaries of what is acceptable are pushed to the limit, especially concerning drugs and alcohol. In fact, statistics indicate that 35.1% of...

Protest erupts against President Trump's decision to ban transgender people from serving and protecting their country.


Yeileny Lopez , Opinion Editor August 14, 2017

Instead of moving towards equality for everyone, society in 2017 finds itself once again shifting far from it. On July 26, Trump reached out on Twitter to state that the "United States Government will...

Just as soon as we were all becoming one, the House of Representatives passes a bill that roll backs the rights for those who belong to the LGBT community

House of Representatives Pass Anti-LGBT Bill

Yeileny Lopez , Staff Writer June 9, 2016

The discrimination of minority groups has always been an issue in society which has been due for a change. The LGBT society has been fighting for their rights for years and finally reached some success...

The deodorant for women is $2 more expensive than the one for men, despite the fact  that the women's one is smaller.

The Pink Tax

Olivia Pelaez, Staff Writer January 24, 2016

Not many consumers realize or question why products marketed towards women are typically more expensive than those marketed for men. This phenomenon is known as the pink tax, and it may be defined...

The government can view just about everything you do on the computer and some people wonder if their actions infringe on our privacy rights.

Is the Government Getting a Little too Close?

Cavan Wilson, Staff Writer April 24, 2015

As the world becomes more dangerous and as we see the continuous bombings and attacks within our country, the American government has seemed to increasingly monitor citizens' actions. There are many...

Though personal accounts are password protected with services such as Gmail and Outlook, they are still easily accessible to national security agencies that are interested.

What Does Your Data Mean To You?

Henry Santer, Copy Editor February 15, 2015

The internet is incredible. It takes just seconds to be connected to your bank accounts, email accounts, social media accounts - everything. Almost all of the information that defines us is accessible...

52 years ago, the famous

“I Have a Dream.” But Did it Come True?

Robert DeDonatis, Staff Writer January 28, 2015

On Jan. 15, 1929, a new era in United States history began; on that day, Martin Luther King Jr. was brought into the world. Throughout his entire life, King fought for equal rights for black Americans....

Howard Simon, executive director of ACLU, expands on today's Federal Court ruling on same-sex marriage ban as unconstitutional because it violates due process and equal protection inside ACLU's Miami office.

Same-Sex Marriage to be Legalized in Florida

Sabrina Ochoa, Editor-in-Chief August 23, 2014

One of the most controversial topics of discussion has been, and always will be, same-sex marriages. On Thursday, August 21, 2014, a federal judge proclaimed that Florida's ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional....

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