Christmas Classics



Cavaliers’ favorite classic Christmas movies.

Hilda Delgado, Staff Writer

Holiday season has finally arrived and there is nothing better than warming up some tea, cuddling up and watching a Christmas movie. Over the years, many well-produced Christmas movies have been released. However, there are a select few that do an excellent job of capturing the true holiday season feeling.

  • A Christmas Story

Released in 1983, this movie is based on the short stories of a young boy named Ralphie and his Christmas adventures. Covering everything from making Santa a wish list to playing with your toys Christmas morning, the movie exemplifies how it feels to be a nine-year-old kid during the holiday season.

MPAA Rating: PG

Our Rating: B

  • Elf

Elf follows the story of Buddy, a man accidentally transported to the North Pole as a toddler and raised into adulthood among Santa’s elves. As an adult, he travels to New York in hopes of fitting in, but actually ends up finding and bonding with his biological father. This is definitely a movie that will get some laughs out of you, while making you feel fuzzy about the holiday season as well.

“This is by far my favorite Christmas movie. I always watch it during this time [of the year] and I never get bored if it,” freshman Naomy Gamarra said.

MPAA Rating: PG

Our Rating: A

  • Miracle on 34th Street

Six-year-old Susan has doubts about Santa Clause, the longest standing Christmas tale. While her mom’s exposure of the Santa secret causes Susan to expect very little, she meets a department store Santa and is given the biggest gift of all, believing. This movie ideally captures how it feels to be in NYC, a city full of surprises and spirit, during the holiday season.

MPAA Rating: PG

Our Rating: A

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

This stunningly animated movie definitely hits the top charts when it comes to Christmas movies. It’s a perfect fusion of a dark holiday and a musical. Following an especially unique storyline, this is film puts a twist on your typical Christmas movie.

MPAA Rating: PG

Our Rating: A

Make sure to bundle up with your blankets to watch these festive movies this Christmas season. Don’t forget the hot chocolate!