Cavaliers Party Hard at Homecoming


Gaby Blanco

Cavaliers were treated to refreshments and chicken tenders and sliders from a food truck.

Following an exciting Spirit Week full of creative outfits and romantic proposals at Coral Gables Senior High, Cavalier pride came to a head with Homecoming, a night marked by delicious food, bumping music, dressing up and being in the company of friends. Anticipation for the night was great with tickets selling out almost immediately and students lining up to get in as soon as doors opened at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 22.

The event was held on the Gables campus in the courtyard area outside the 6000 building. In accordance with the “Disturbia” theme, Halloween decorations were set up around the school. Spooky candles and giant skeleton figures were arranged all around the outside area. Dancing took place under a large tent with fog machines and lit up by colorful lights set up in the middle of the courtyard where the DJ table was stationed. Additionally, students had the opportunity to commemorate the night with a photo booth located near the dance floor.

“I have very high expectations for Homecoming this year. I’m hoping it’s fun and there’s a lot of dancing,” freshman Hannah Pasco Florez said. 

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Music could be heard pumping throughout the school ground, creating an enthusiastic environment to dance around and let loose. Homecoming had a diversity of songs from Latin to rap, including songs like “Cha Cha Slide” by DJ Casper and “Limbo” by Daddy Yankee. These songs had Cavaliers dancing, jumping and swaying. Even some of the staff chaperoning seemed to be having a blast, like Ms. Yanet, Officer Suarez and Mr. Ullivarri. The tent was packed with students dancing all night; many even took their shoes off to keep partying for as long as they could in comfort. Several times throughout the night, circles would form in the middle of the dance floor with Cavaliers moshing and taking turns jumping in to show off their moves.

“I also liked the music they played. It really made me want to dance. It definitely made a lot of the students want to dance. Not once did I see the tent with the dance floor empty,” junior Lia Alongi said.

Alongside the jams, a food truck was brought in where students could choose between chicken tenders or sliders served with fries. Cavaliers could also indulge in ice cream and Misha’s cupcakes served outside the 6000 building. The College Assistance Program office was also turned into a window for drinks, where students could get either water or lemonade to quench their thirst all night long.

“I really like lemonade so I like the fact that they gave us a different option then water to drink was nice. It was definitely fun to say the least, I also really enjoyed the ice cream and the cupcakes. I would definitely go again in the years to come,” sophomore Bryan Martinez said.

Halfway through the night, the winners for king, queen, prince and princess were crowned. With so many Cavaliers in the running for these titles, there was much excitement leading up to this announcement—students crowded under the tent, eagerly trying to push to the front to get a good view. The winners for king and queen were Sam Sommer and Mariam Aguilar while Santiago Giraldo and Amalia Garrido were declared prince and princess. Cheers erupted as soon as the winners were revealed, and after some celebration, the dancing and singing continued.

Most Cavaliers agree that homecoming surpassed their expectations. As students look back on their memories of the night, they are already getting excited to see what next year’s event will hold for them.


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  • Juniors Santiago Giraldo and Amalia Garrido were prince and princess for the night.

  • Homecoming provided Cavaliers with an opportunity to dress up and spend time with friends.

  • Students took full advantage of the photo booth to capture their memories of the night.

  • The DJ’s tunes had Cavaliers dancing all night long.

  • The DJ played a variety of songs, many of them being students’ favorite hits.

  • Students showed out at homecoming, wearing their best outfits for the semi-formal dress code.

  • The tent was packed with Cavaliers partying hard with their peers.

  • Seniors Mariam Aguilar and Sam Sommer were chosen as king and queen.

  • This year’s “Disturbia” themed Homecoming was a night to remember.