Disturbia: The Homecoming Theme That Flabbergasted Everyone


Gaby Blanco

A close up of the skeletons that surrounded the dance floor.

Coral Gables Senior High School students from all grade levels danced the night away at Homecoming. However, the Oct. 22 dance was clouded with debate over its controversial theme: “Disturbia”. Although the tone was dark, any concerns were swept away once Cavaliers experienced the inviting and mysterious experience that was this year’s Homecoming. 

The day after last year’s Homecoming, teachers Ms. Camacho and Ms. D’Alemberte came together to decide on the theme for this year. The duo wanted the next Homecoming to be unique and therefore settled on Disturbia, a concept which at first left many students confused. Some disapproved of the idea, claiming it was inappropriate. However, Homecoming ultimately proved itself a night to remember thanks to its “wicked” ambiance.  

Initially, the theme was not supposed to be looked at as if it was some sort of Halloween party. The theme was in fact supposed to be an “Underworld Ball”. However, the organizers assumed that an Underworld Ball would be controversial, so the idea for “Disturbia” dawned upon them. The inspiration for Disturbia was Edgar Allan Poe, which is why crows and books were used as decorations. After all, Poe is most known for his famous short story “The Raven”. Students and chaperones claimed that the theme was bewitching because of how well this creative vision was executed.

With leaves beginning to fall, the weather getting colder and the world seeming more melancholy, a dark, macabre theme was the perfect fit. On the night of, burnt-out candles and wilted roses were scattered around the vicinity. The photo booth was decorated with thrones made of bones and skeletons were seen at every corner. All black candelabras held long candles that were burning throughout the night. The mystifying ambiance made an enjoyable experience that left students wishing the night would never end.  

Although I was merely a chaperone I could still feel the excitement that radiated off of the venue. The decorations were beautiful and perfectly executed the vision Ms. Camacho and Ms. D’Alemberte had,

— Ms. Monzon

“This is my first year going to Homecoming, and I honestly think that since it is October the theme was perfect. It really captured the mood that the month is associated with,” senior Teresita Del Toro said.

Despite most individuals saying that they found the theme to be stunning, others felt that it was very dark for Homecoming, an event that is normally very vivid and cheery. However, the otherworldly mood that the theme had made it stand out from past events. This was exactly the objective that Ms. Camacho and Ms. D’Alemberte had in mind.

“I was very confused as to what Disturbia meant because I thought it was going to be about the song. It also kinda seems like a Halloween party, rather than a homecoming, but it exceeded my expectations,” junior Sadie Arce said.

Even if some did not entirely enjoy the theme, the end result was absolutely splendid. The darkness was comforting and the decorations explored the mystery and grief tied to the works of Edgar Allan Poe. It was not your average Homecoming, but Gables is not your average school. It might be a little hard to top this year’s theme; however, we can trust that Ms. Camacho and Ms. D’Alemberte are already preparing for next year and have a few ideas. Perhaps the enigmatic vibe will be revived for the forthcoming year.


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  • The skeletons next to the photo booth were a popular piece of decor.

  • The dance floor was an open space, with many tables surrounding it so that students could place their bags and drinks.

  • The photo booth was the highlight of the dance, as countless Cavaliers took pictures on the skeleton throne.

  • Skeletons were lined up on all the posts around the dance floor with decorative lights flashing behind them, adding to the energy of the party.

  • Grim reaper animatronics that greeted students as they passed were located at two ends of the vicinity.

  • A close up of the skeletons that surrounded the dance floor.