Jose L. Dostre Succeeds Miami’s Superintendent Alberto Carvalho


Maria Odio

With a six to three vote from the Miami-Dade School Board, Jose L. Dotres will succeed current superintendent Alberto Carvalho on Feb. 3.

Maria Odio, Staff Writer

After Miami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho announced his departure to Los Angeles Unified School District, MDCPS has been searching for a replacement to fill this vacated role. With a six to three vote from the Miami-Dade School Board, Jose L. Dotres has been appointed the new superintendent for America’s fourth-largest school district.

Out of a pool of 16 confirmed candidates, Dr. Jose L. Dotres, Dr. Rafaela Espinal and Jacob Olivia were invited to a public meeting where they would be interviewed in an effort to allow Miami’s community to get to know the candidates. In the eight-hour meeting, board members asked the finalists nine questions that were submitted by community organizations such as the Dade County School Administrator Association. With the remaining interview time, board members were allowed to ask their own questions.

I think the election should not have been rushed due to the importance of this position. As one of the largest school districts in the country, a national search should have been conducted and the process of choosing who was best for the position should have been a lengthy process to ensure the best candidate was chosen,

— sophomore Emily Kardjian

In his two-hour interview, Dotres mentioned that he primarily applied to become superintendent because he wanted to give back to the community that welcomed him and allowed him to grow since he was five years old. Dotres also mentioned that he will offer continuity to Miami-Dade as it recruits and continues to employ teachers. Board members pointed out that Dotres lives in Broward County and has no intention of moving.

“On paper, Jose Dotres seems like a man who can take care of Miami-Dade, he sounds responsible and hard-working. I don’t know why people are getting upset because he’s not moving here. In his speech he seemed to be really passionate about being superintendent for Miami-Dade and if he’s doing a good job from Broward then there is nothing to worry about his personal life,” sophomore Eduardo Meonez said.

Some students, teachers, parents and Miami residents expressed discontent with the meeting’s timing since they would not be able to attend the public interview.

For the past nine months, Dotres has been serving as the deputy superintendent of Collier County. Prior to this, he worked in the Miami-Dade district for three decades. Having started off as a Miami-Dade teacher at Frederick Douglass and South Point elementary, he worked his way up to the principal and regional superintendent position. He has also worked alongside Carvalho as chief of staff and chief human capital officer.

The preliminary candidacy search for a superintendent of the Miami-Dade district has been criticized for its fast-paced timeline. The school board’s decision to forgo a national search for a superintendent displeased community groups such as the League of Women Voters and the Urban League of Greater Miami.

Directors of organizations like Overtown Children Youth Coalition suggested to the board to appoint an interim superintendent like Broward County for the purpose of allotting more than the seven days used to find applicants for Carvalos replacement.

In their application, the school board asked for someone who not only had experience as an administrator but as an educator who has an understanding of Miami’s diverse community as well. John Dostre meets the criteria on paper, and, as Feb. 3 comes near, it will become apparent if Carvalho’s successor meets the school board’s standards in practice as well.