Bittersweet Goodbye: The Pep Rally Marks the End of Fall Season Sports

When looking toward the bleachers, all that was visible was red as Cavaliers showed off their school spirit.


When looking toward the bleachers, all that was visible was red as Cavaliers showed off their school spirit.

Camila Ruiz, Staff Writer

Coral Gables Senior High School pumped up its school spirit by hosting a pep rally to celebrate the end of fall season sports.

In order to purchase a ticket to the event on Nov. 9, Cavaliers of all grade levels were required to dress in red attire and have an additional three red accessories with them. Accessories such as wigs, socks, headbands, tutus and hats were some of the most popular among Cavaliers.

The morning of the pep rally, students lined up outside the classrooms of teachers selling tickets in hopes of getting their hands on one before they sold out. Those who were able to secure a ticket had several performances and games to look forward to.

At around 1:30 p.m., students were released from their classes to head down to the Gables field and find seats on the bleachers in anticipation of the event.

All throughout the pep rally, Cavaliers cheered on their peers as they performed and played games. (CavsTV)

Seniors Lawrence Stampino-Strain and Romulo Delgado kicked things off as they welcomed attendees to the football field and introduced the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program to sing the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ethan Kaddour-Moore’s portrayal of the school mascot, Cavman, did not go unnoticed either as he was tasked with the job of hyping up the crowd.

Next up were the Gables cheerleaders, who put on a performance full of enthusiastic cheers, toe touches and smiles. Even after their performance, they continued to show their support from the sidelines.

“As soon as I secured my ticket for the pep rally, I began looking forward to it all day. The whole thing was so much fun, but as a former cheerleader, their performance was my favorite,” senior Katherine Sanchez said.

After all the cheering and music, there was time for a game of musical chairs. Since this pep rally marked the end of fall season sports, those who participated were athletes who recently said goodbye to long practices and games.

The cheerleaders helped kick off the pep rally by walking in with signs holding up the letters G, H and S that stood for Gables High School. (CavsTV)

Members of the Golf and Bowling teams were amongst the group of athletes challenged to secure a red or black seat every time the music came to a halt. In the end, one junior emerged victorious.

The Gablettes dance team was next up. Dressed in all-white outfits, they performed a fast-paced, hip-hop dance routine. Their music of choice was a mashup that included the songs “I Look Good” by Chalie Boy, “Magnolia” by Playboi Carti, “Kickback” by Kblast and more.

One of the last events that took place in the pep rally was Advanced Placement Psychology, International Baccalaureate Psychology and Theory of Knowledge teacher Mr. Nelson being dunked in a water tank. Several students took turns in attempting to hit the target that would eventually drop Mr. Nelson from the platform he was sitting on into deep water.

“It was nice to see a teacher participating in the pep rally, even more so when it was one of my favorites,” senior Rebeca Morejon said.

The grand finale consisted of the students coming together, pointing toward the auditorium and singing the alma mater before being released from school for the day.

To get a glimpse of the event, students can watch the Fall Pep Rally Recap created by CavsTV and posted on the Cavsconnect Instagram.