Top 3 Recent Positive News Recap


Victoria Mavarez

From a bill passed in Iran to a natural plastic collector in the ocean, there is a lot of positive news to be told.

Mia Cabrera, Staff Writer

As economic, political and environmental issues plague the minds of everyday people, it can be difficult to maintain a positive attitude. But even hearing just a few heartwarming stories can be uplifting and show that there is still hope. From a natural plastic collector in the ocean to a bill passed to prevent domestic violence in Iran, there are many positive stories just waiting to be told.

Natural Plastic Collectors Found in the Ocean

A new study done by Spanish researchers has just identified a natural plastic collector found in the ocean. Called “Neptune Balls,” these balls of seagrass, about the size and shape of a rugby ball, entrap small pieces of waste in their leaves. Although it has been found that only 17 percent of the Neptune Balls had plastic in them, research has suggested that in just the Mediterranean alone, there might be nearly 900 million pieces of plastic captured in these balls.

I think a good portion of positive news included in the media would be really great to put out rather than endless sad reports. It would be better for everyone really. 

— sophomore Matteo Rocha-Chavez

After the plastic gets caught up in the seagrass, it eventually gets washed up to shore, therefore removing the plastic it picked up from the ocean and preventing sea life from eating it. Not only do these Neptune Balls pick up plastic from the ocean, but they have tons of other benefits for marine life. They are the basis of coastal food systems, prevent beach erosion and damage from storm surges, provide beds for thousands of underwater species and contain carbon dioxide 35 percent faster than trees on land.

“I think a good portion of positive news included in the media would be really great to put out rather than endless sad reports. It would be better for everyone really,” sophomore Matteo Rocha-Chavez said.

Interior Least Tern No Longer Endangered

In 1985, the Interior Least Tern, the smallest of the Tern bird family, was classified as endangered after its population had dropped to below 2,000. Their large decrease in population was due to habitat changes that forced them to leave their nests. For more than 30 years, people, businesses, organizations and even the United States Army Corps of Engineers played a huge role in helping these birds by building habitats and altering river courses to help provide more nesting areas.

Because the Terns’ population has increased 99 percent and now has a population of over 18,000, the plan to take them off of the Endangered Species Act List was put into place and they were officially removed on Jan. 12.

Women of Iran Protected from Gender-Based Violence

The women of Iran have been campaigning for a bill that will protect them against gender-based violence and after 16 years, a bill has finally been passed by the president’s administration. Working tirelessly, a team of legal experts had been helping the women and put together said bill.

Specifically, the bill protects women from violence that inflicts harm to their body, psyche, personality, and dignity.” In addition, the bill requires an increase in resources for violence survivors, educational courses about violence and advises Iran’s judiciary staff to broadcast programs as well as to launch a fund. The ministry of health also had to increase both psychological and medical services for women affected by violence.

“I am ecstatic to hear that Iran passed this bill. It is time that these women are protected from the violence they have been suffering from for countless years,” sophomore Sofia Rodriguez said.

Though the current state of the world may be distressing, hearing about progress in the world can lift one’s spirit, bring light to happy stories and illustrate that there are still more good things to come. Sharing good news like the Tern birds’ comeback, the bill passed in Iran and the Neptune Balls of the ocean can show people that regardless of everything, there will continue to be positive things to look forward to.