Gables Alumnus Makes Anonymous Community Donation


Sofia Cruz

A former Coral Gables Senior High student has made an anonymous donation to local businesses in order to provide COVID-19 relief and aid the community.

Sofia Cruz, News Editor

An anonymous Coral Gables Senior High graduate has donated $100,000 to the Coral Gables Community Foundation in order to aid local businesses that have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. The contribution is aimed to help workers that are facing economic difficulties at the moment and will certainly leave a significant impact on the lives of community members all throughout The City Beautiful.

The Coral Gables Community Foundation was established in 1991 with the goal of improving the city by focusing on investing in education, arts, culture, social programs, health service and historic preservation. It does this by bestowing grants to nonprofits and helps students by awarding scholarships. So far, the foundation has given out $8 million in funds since it was first created.

“A donation such as this one has never been done before. The Foundation has been at the forefront of Coral Gables’ evolving needs by effectively bringing together beneficiaries and benefactors to fund programs with the greatest impact and benefit to The City Beautiful,” executive director Mary Snow said.

The work that the advisors do is only possible through the help of the benefactors that donate the money necessary to support the mission, which is what makes the $100,000 from this mystery donor so significant. The Foundation acted as the fiduciary for the grant, creating the application and selection process as well as actually awarding the money.

20 small, locally owned Coral Gables businesses will be awarded grants of $5,000 each through Rally for Restaurants. This initiative works towards helping COVID-19 affected restaurants through funding, partnerships, features and more.

I think it is awesome that a former Gables student was able to give back to those businesses and make a positive change in our community.”

— sophomore Cristian Rodriguez

Restaurants were not the only ones that benefited from the donor’s philanthropy. Teachers and faculty from Coral Gables public schools affected by the global Coronavirus crisis were also provided assistance thanks to the contribution. Hospitality workers that faced economic instability and job losses from local hotels, such as The Biltmore, received aid as well, and so did Coral Gables’s public works employees.

“During this pandemic, with everyone having to adapt to quarantine and the working class having to do anything and everything to help their families stay safe, this was a super generous move by one of our alumni. This goes to show the effect Gables has as a school on its students,” freshman Jonathan Brazda said.

Little is known about the donor as they wished to remain anonymous. However, they did choose to share the fact that they attended Gables and their children also graduated as Cavaliers. The mystery benefactor also made the donation in honor of Gables staff members; Mr. Finora, a counselor, and Language Arts teacher Mrs. Peterson. Former Gables student and current National Football League running back Frank Gore was also mentioned as an honoree.

The generosity of this Gables alumnus goes to illustrate how much one person can accomplish in an area by giving what they have to those who are in need. This donation is sure to prove helpful to the beneficiaries and will certainly be appreciated by Coral Gables citizens. A single act of giving during a chaotic time like this is what community members need to get back on their feet and return to stability.