One Direction’s 10th Anniversary Suggests Possible Reunion


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Former boyband One Direction is rumored to be planning a reunion for their 10th anniversary.

Annabella Rivera, Staff Writer

Ever since pop boyband One Direction’s break up in 2016, heartbroken fans have long waited for the day they reunite. With July 2020 being the time in which One Direction hits its 10 year anniversary, it has been assumed that a big celebration is in the works. With the help of fans putting together clues and Liam Payne consistently leaking information, it is apparent that there will most definitely be a reunion.

“I really hope that a reunion happens. I have been a fan for years and it would be surreal to see them together again,” freshman Zarah Correa said.

The first hint of a reunion that fans picked up was when Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and the official One Direction account began to follow Zayn Malik once again via Twitter. There have been controversy regarding this statement, though. Some sources are saying that Malik was never unfollowed in the first place while others say he was unfollowed upon his departure in 2015.

Whether or not the Twitter drama is confirmed, in the same week that this supposedly happened, Payne spoke on the One Direction boys being “a lot more in touch at the moment.” Payne made similar statements in two recent interviews. On an Instagram Live with DJ Alesso, a producer that worked with Payne on his single “Midnight”, Payne stated that all of One Direction is in London at the moment and trying to arrange a FaceTime meetup. On the same live, Payne made a joke regarding Malik stating that “You (DJ Alesso) can come in and fill in for Zayn and join the band,” leaving many confused as to whether or not Malik will be making a reappearance. Payne released so much private information that he was apparently “told off” in the One Direction group chat by Tomlinson.

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I think that a reunion is very likely to happen because the 10th anniversary is such a milestone that it would be unreasonable not to get together.”

— freshman Jazzmin Chavez

Optimistic One Direction fans are anticipating a reunion to remember. Thanks to the help of Liam Payne’s habit of leaking information, fans have an idea of the iconic reunion and cannot wait. Only time will tell if the situation is all just rumors or one of the biggest surprises in pop culture of 2020. Either way, former Directioners are excited to see what their favorite artists have in store for them.