Australian Fires: What Is Happening?


Emma Gar

About 12 million acres of land has burned due to the fires.

Emma Garcia, Staff Writer

In September 2019, Australia experienced a set of deadly fires in New South Wales and Queensland, which soon began to spread all throughout the continent and continue to do so.  These tragic fires have caused the death of 480 million animals, the death of 25 people, burned over 2,000 homes and damaged 12 million acres of land. To make matters worse, the quality of air is very poor due to the smoke and fire. As a result, Australia is currently in a state of emergency.

Natural causes have started the fires but recently 24 people have been arrested for starting others fires as well.

Who And What Is Being Affected?

25,000 koalas have died, raising concerns for their decreasing population because of the fires. Besides the koalas, many other animals have died, have been burned and been separated from their young and their parents. 25 people have died from the fires and officials are claiming that these fires will continue for months.

“It’s really sad to see that millions of species of animals are dying to wildfires, as well as people losing their homes, family, and friends. The most we can do is donate to organizations and spread awareness,” senior Juliana Betances said.

This will damage much more land and devastatingly decrease the animal population and possibly hurt other people.

The smoke of the fires, a major threat to air quality and visibility, is so severe that it has reached New Zealand.

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The world is deteriorating at a fast rate, and we should not allow our beautiful planet to be affected by this. Animals and people are suffering through this current monstrosity, and we must do something to help. Any amount of money donated is going help and will make a difference

— senior Denise Cuevas

Who Is Helping?

So far, other countries have sent firefighters to assist in Australia. In the continent itself, 2,300 firefighters are on the ground helping along with the United States, Canada and New Zealand sending more to help. Celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Liam Hemsworth and Keith Urban have donated money to foundations to help out as well. Many celebrities, like Dacre Montgomery have set up GoFundMe’s where others can donate money to the Australian Red Cross. Any amount of money is useful right now.

“Americans and the government could be there to help us and support us as this kind of thing happens every summer and it’s only getting worse with the climate problems,” Australian resident Clare Tilley said.

Despite the tragedy, Australia has raised more than $20 million to help treat animals, people and help with evacuation.

How Can You Help?

Spreading awareness is one way to show support. The more people know about this tragedy, the more they are willing to help out. Below are some places where donations are being accepted:

Any amount of money can help Australia deal with the ongoing natural disaster. If you are able, please take action!