Homecoming: Back And Better Than Ever


Sofia Cruz

At Homecoming, the CavsConnect staff took pictures at the decorative photo booth.

Sofia Cruz, Staff Writer

After weeks of intense promotion, the Homecoming dance finally arrived and rocked our Cavaliers to their core on Nov.2. The anticipation was great, especially after the 600 available tickets sold out so quickly. It was an awesome event for Gables students to have fun and celebrate this exciting high school tradition. This year’s dance was unique in many ways, and students had a great time.

For the first time in Gables history, Homecoming was not held in the gymnasium. Instead, attendees went to the Donna E. Shalala Student Center at the University of Miami. It was also the first time so many tickets were bought, as the concept of an elegant ballroom being the location added more appeal.

The theme was A Night In Paradise, and the room was decorated accordingly. Most of the decor was green and gold, with balloons and inflatable palm trees creating a tropical environment. There was a photo booth where students take pictures with their friends as nice mementos of the night. The student volunteers served croquettes, tequeños, chicken tenders and cupcakes for students to snack on. They also had a refreshment station offering water and lemonade as drinks.

“My expectations for Homecoming were not really that high if I’m being honest. But once we got to the place, the decorations were so pretty, everything was so organized and there were so many people that in the end, I ended up having a great night. I for sure won’t miss it any year, I recommend it 100 percent,” freshman Mariana Gutierrez said.

Before the night ended, the homecoming court also had to be announced. Seniors Ruben Escobar and Bridget Babani were crowned Homecoming King and Queen, and Alanis Lago and David Kuper were voted Homecoming Princess and Prince. They all deserve a big congratulations for putting themselves out there and succeeding in their endeavors.

“Homecoming was definitely a great comeback from previous years. Hosting it at UM with a larger venue, many more people and with more resources to offer for the guests it was great and I loved it,” senior Ruben Escobar said.

The party lasted from 8:00 to 11:00 P.M. Everyone had a great time at this one-of-a-kind Homecoming, and students look forward to next year’s dance. After all the fun that was experienced Cavaliers can surely say that it was, in fact, A Night In Paradise.

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  • Before the party, the tables and room had to be decorated according to the theme.

  • The DJ set up his booth so students could enjoy the music and dance.

  • Students were served chicken, croquettes, and tequeños.

  • The dessert stand had mini cupcakes for guests to enjoy. It was set up near the balloon arch where pictures were taken.