Gables Medical Leaders: For Students Aspiring to Work in the Medical Field


Alexander Sutton

The founding members of Gables Medical Leaders Club excitingly encouraging members to join.

With the increasing competition in the healthcare field, one’s premedical track should start before college. The Gables Medical Leaders (GML) club, a new organization for students interested in medicine, aims to help students do exactly that. The Co-Presidents of GML, Yazmin Quevedi and Jose Fernandez, proposed the idea to club sponsor Eric Molina in April and set it into action at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year.

Co-Presidents Yazmin Quevedi and Jose Fernandez started GML to help students just like them further improve their understanding of medical topics. Joining the club allows students to explore the intricacies of the medical field and be exposed to future career options. 

It was also created in response to the rising interest in medicine in the student body. Despite the comparatively large portion of high school students who are interested in becoming doctors, nurses, researchers, or doing other work in the field, there was no club or program for these students to express their shared interests until this year.

“Gables really needed a club that would reflect the ambitions of so many premedical students and the interests that teachers here have inspired,” senior Yazmin Quevedo said.

Once the Gables Medical Club was approved, the co-presidents got right to work seeking out the brightest and most passionate students around the campus to serve on the board of the new club.

After some deliberation, they selected junior Sofia Rebull as Vice-President, sophomore Melanie Estrada as Secretary, junior Vanessa Grau as Treasurer and senior Bowen Murley as Historian.

“It is going to provide students with the opportunity to see medicine outside of class in a fun and exciting way,” junior Sofia Rebull said.

The board behind the Gables Medical Leaders club seeks to create a space where any kind of student from any background can benefit from enriching experiences and lessons in the medical field.

Its founding members hope to create a learning environment where people receive their education through both lectures and hands-on activities in hopes of teaching them about medicine and health in new and exciting ways.

Students who join this can expect to participate in field trips to medical campuses, conduct dissections, learn how to measure blood pressure, listen to multiple guest speakers and even become certified to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). 

On September 12, the first event will take place. The board of GML has arranged for Dr. Fletcher, an Obstetrician-gynecologist (OBGYN), to come to Coral Gables High School after school in room 2207 where she will be answering questions about her profession.

General meetings will be held on the second Thursday of every month. For more information, look out for their booth at the Sep. 13 Club Fair; they will be in the Gym next to the Science Honor Society stand!